Monday, November 20, 2017

Gretl's Gift Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are less than week away. Have you started shopping yet? My daughter has a November birthday so I wind up doing a lot of Christmas shopping at the same time. A few of my finds are in this post, actually. There may be a Gift Guide Part Two in the works, so share your finds or your wish lists in the comments.

For Potterheads

First of all, does your Potterhead have every available edition of the books? I don't have the illustrated ones yet (in case you want to get me some books.) I also got really good deals on the UK editions from Book Outlet, though I didn't find them all at the same time. If they've already got all of those, here are some other HP-inspired items I'd be happy to find under my tree.

 $55 at Storybook Cosmetics
They also have palettes inspired by Mean Girls and Willy Wonka, as well as the famous Magic Wand brush set

$13.49 on Etsy
Happy Piranha had a chocolate frog candle that I was coveting but it's not on their website anymore. I'm not sure if that means it's discontinued or just sold out. But this one from FaerieTales Candles should fill the void. I love the way they decorate the tops of the candles. They almost look like cupcakes. There's also a 4oz version in a tin for about $8. These ship from New Zealand so if you're not in that part of the world you have to order by 11/24.

Marauder's Map Umbrella from BioWorld
$12.95 on Amazon
I have a thing for umbrellas. I have no idea why. But I love this marauder's map print. It's actually the reverse of most of the ones I've seen with its black background and tan writing.

$39.95 on Barnes & Noble
Hogwarts is such a perfect setting for a murder mystery. (I guess Chamber of Secrets kind of IS a murder mystery, now that I think about it.)

For Me

Or for other folks on your holiday list. (Really, you aren't getting me anything?)

$34.50 a month 
I came late to Gilmore Girls. I just binged the whole series on Netflix last year, but now I watch it a few times a week and it's one of my happy places. The box has things like mugs, t-shirts and magnets from Stars Hollow businesses. I'm so jealous when I see the unboxings on Instagram! You can also add a bag of coffee with a clever Gilmore-inspired name like the snickerdoodle flavor called "Oi with the Snickerpoodles, already!" to your box each month or subscribe to the Stars Hollow Coffee Club
 for $7.98 per 8 oz. bag.

Flick the Wick monthly box
$35 on Etsy
(Photo of the October box by Flick the Wick rep @myfriendsarefiction.)
December is sold out but you can get me the January box. I'm cool with that.
This box includes 4 small candles, 1 large candle and 5 bookish items.
It's like a book box with candles instead of a book. The price and the items included are similar. Great choice if you don't want to add to your bookish friend's TBR pile or aren't sure what books they already have.
Evie Seo on Zazzle
You might have seen Evie's designs on Instagram or Society 6 but she also has some on Zazzle now. They include home items like serving trays, mugs, and coasters. Also shoes! Tons of her Alice in Wonderland designs are there, but also some ADSOM, ACOTAR. I've had good luck ordering mugs from Zazzle in the past. And watch for discount codes - last year they had 75% off mugs one weekend.

Things you can go to an actual store for

I know some people like instant gratification and no shipping charges. These photos are from my own holiday shopping.

12 Days of socks from Target
These come in men's, women's and kids' sizes.
Choose from Star Wars, DC comics (pictured) or Christmas designs. There's also a Harry Potter one but they were out of stock in the warehouse two days after they released.

Unicorn Makeup from Ulta and Bath and Body Works
This is one of the things I've already gotten for my daughter and I hope that she thinks is as awesome as I do. If you have a tween or teen (or an Instagram account) you probably know that unicorn and mermaid makeup is big right now. I was pretty excited when I found these unicorn brushes at BBW. They also come in gold with pink bristles. Also pictured Unicorn Snot body glitter - I got purple but it also came in pink from BBW- and the Too Faced Unicorn Survival Kit from Ulta. She's also getting the Pur My Little Pony eye shadow palette but it seems to be sold out now.

Small Business Saturday
I had great success shopping in my historic downtown neighborhood on Small Business Saturday last year. Most stores had specials and free samples that day. If you're buying for friends that live out of town, you can be pretty sure they won't already have anything you find there. And you're sending them a little piece of your home town. I always love gifts like that.

What's on your shopping list this holiday season?

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