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Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway for First Bite by Dani Harper

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First Bite
(Dark Wolf #1)
Dani Harper
Release: October 15, 2013
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Geneva “Neva” Ross doesn’t want to die. But now that she’s been turned into a werewolf against her will, she’ll do anything to protect her family and friends…even if that means taking her own life.

After witnessing Neva’s leap from a high ledge, Travis Williamson—a Changeling with a dark past—uses his powers to save her life. He feels a connection to the strong-willed woman whose eyes flash that familiar Changeling green. While Neva is hospitalized, Travis risks everything to kidnap her, knowing the approaching full moon will put everyone in jeopardy.

Bickering constantly to hide their growing attraction, Travis and Neva run from the authorities…and from Neva’s sinister sire, Meredith de la Ronde. Meredith delights in creating new shape-shifters and compelling them to do her dark bidding; now Neva must join Meredith’s murderous wolf pack…or die.

Intensely suspenseful with deliciously sexy twists, this paranormal romance—the first in (the title of series)—intertwines sensual passion with an epic, thrilling battle between good and evil.

First Bite is the first is Dani Harper's new paranormal romance series. I've often wanted to start her Changeling series, but so many books, so little time and all that. So, when the opportunity came along for me to participate in the blog tour for the first in a new series, which also focuses on Changelings, I jumped at it! I must say, I'm not at all disappointed.

Harper's Changelings are basically shifters who change into wolves. These Changelings do make a full shift from man (or woman) to wolf, but its a brief transition that incorporates magic rather than a gruesome, bone crunching change. Our main characters are lone wolf and bad boy with a past, Travis, and newly changed-against-her-will Neva. Even though I liked Travis and understood his dark history, I didn't feel like he was really the bad boy he was portrayed to be. He was actually a pretty nice guy in the way that he dealt with Neva. He saved her life and then helped her escape from those hunting her, all with very few temper-filled, Alpha moments. He was a very likable leading man, although I do tend to prefer my heroes a little more dark and naughty.

I enjoyed the many flashes to the story's villain, Meredith, and seeing her in all her power-hungry glory. She is also a Changeling, but she possesses magical skills as well. She is a truly evil character, really just bent on being in control above all else. It helped to understand what exactly Neva was running from and also gave the reader some insight on why Neva was so terrified to be a wolf, since her experience with Meredith was her only contact with Changelings prior to meeting Travis.

Something else worth mentioning is that at the halfway point in this book I suddenly realized, hey, no one is having sex yet! I enjoyed the slower progression of Travis and Meredith's relationship and it took a while for Travis to even comment to himself about her nipples (if you read a lot of PNR, you know that its more common for someone's nipples to be discussed before page 10). For me it was a breath of fresh air, but it also didn't follow typical PNR tropes so keep that in mind if you are a big romance reader who expects things to get down and dirty by chapter 3.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read and a strong start to a new series. I will definitely check out future Dark Wolf releases and maybe now I can take a peek at Harper's other series as well!

Recommended for fans of: shifters, PNR light on the erotic romance, and good villains.

This review is based on an advance copy of the book provided by the author.

  3.5 / 5 stars

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