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Blog Tour: Wolf Hunt by Paige Tyler Excerpt, Review and Giveaway

You might have noticed that I've been talking about Paige Tyler a lot lately. I read the first four books of her SWAT series last year and they broke me out of a major reading slump.(Sometimes you just need a sexy shifter fix, right?) So I'm excited to be part of the blog tour for Wolf Hunt, the latest release in the series.

We're starting it off with an excerpt from Remy and Triana's reunion, then my thoughts on Wolf Hunt. And make sure you check out the giveaway at the bottom of the post.


Triana was having so much fun, she was disappointed when they finally reached her mother’s voodoo shop and the apartment over it. Even though it was after two in the morning, she didn’t want the evening to end yet.

“The shop hasn’t changed much, but do you want to come in and look around anyway?” she asked hopefully.

He grinned. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

Triana unlocked the door, then closed and locked it behind them quietly, so she wouldn’t wake her mom. When she turned back around, Remy was already walking around the dimly lit shop, taking in the shelves upon shelves of knickknacks that had mesmerized her since childhood. The overhead lights were off, so the red, green, and purple neon tubes that edged the display windows were the only source of illumination, but it was more than enough to guide her steps as she moved to Remy’s side. She watched as he picked up the various dolls, candles, beads, tarot cards, potions, books, and other trinkets that filled the store. For such large hands, he handled everything he touched with a surprisingly gentle touch.
“Everything is exactly the same as I remember it.” He turned to smile at her, a warm glint in his eyes. “Well, not everything. You’ve changed quite a bit.”
The heated way he looked at her made her tummy quiver. “Really. How so?”
Remy took her hand and tugged her closer. The tips of her nipples grazed his muscular chest, sending tingles spiraling through her. “I tend to remember you as a shy, somewhat awkward girl who was all knees and elbows back then.”
She laughed softly, a little embarrassed. Yeah, that was a pretty good description of her when she was in high school. She had been what her mom called a late bloomer, so everything had changed her freshman year in college, when her body had made up for lost time.
“And now?” she asked in a near whisper.
He bent his head until his face was so close to hers that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin. His left hand came up and found her hip, slowly gliding back and forth across the silky material and heating the skin underneath.
“And now, you definitely aren’t shy, you move like a cat, and all those knees and elbows have turned into some serious curves I’d love to explore, since I’m smart enough to know what I want.”
She blushed at hearing him put all that into words. “No one’s stopping you.”
The glint in his eyes flared brighter for a moment as the neon lights caught them. Then, one of Remy’s hands was in her hair and he was kissing her. A moan involuntarily escaped her lips as his mouth came down on hers and his tongue slipped inside. He tasted so delicious she couldn’t help it.
She slid her hands up the front of his shirt and grabbed his shoulders, squeezing hard as she pulled him even closer, urging him to kiss her harder.
Remy must have understood what she was trying to say because the hand in her hair tightened possessively and his tongue teased hers more aggressively. At the same time, his free hand moved around from her hip to her lower back, fitting her against him so firmly she could feel every ripple and bulge in that perfect body of his. And one of those bulges suggested he was enjoying the kiss just as much as she was.
Triana melted against him, surrendering to a kiss she’d been fantasizing of for over a decade. She’d heard women talking about going all weak kneed from a great kiss, but she’d never experienced it or even believed it. She believed it now. If Remy hadn’t been holding on to her so tightly, she was sure she would have just collapsed to her knees right there in front of him.
Isn’t that an interesting thought?

32470603Wolf Hunt
(SWAT #6)
Paige Tyler
Release: June 6, 2017
Goodreads Amazon
ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley
Remy Boudreaux is back in his hometown, New Orleans. He's there with three of his fellow Dallas SWAT officers for a week of training with the NOLA PD. On the eve of a tropical storm, Remy and his buddies prowl the French Quarter. One tantalizing scent captures Remy's senses, forcing him to follow until he is face to face with Triana Bellamy—his beautiful high school crush.

After reconnecting, Remy and Triana are close—very. Remy struggles to keep things casual. Ever since his partner—and first love—was killed on the job, he's kept women at a distance.

But when a mysterious wolf pendant ropes them both into danger, Remy's protective instincts kick in. He may have to reveal his true self...and hope Triana accepts him.


I really enjoyed Wolf Hunt while I was reading it. I love New Orleans, especially as a setting for paranormal stories. And it was nice to see a smaller group of the SWAT guys and get to know them a little better. In addition to Remy, Max, Zane, and Brooks, my personal fave, are the only ones on this trip so I felt like the supporting cast got more page time than usual. I also really liked Triana's mom who owns a voodoo shop.

I had some issues with Triana though. First of all, her name bugged me. I know that's an odd complaint and it may be my own personal weirdness. But Triana sounds too much like Tiana, who is also from New Orleans which made it an obvious connection. (She's the princess in The Princess and the Frog for anyone who doesn't speak Disney.) I kept getting the wrong picture in my head, which took me out of the story.

 I also felt like it wasn't really clear what her job was, though that's not as important as it might have been since she's on vacation. She works in the crime lab, but at one point she says she works in the medical examiner's office. Despite what NCIS might lead us to believe, I don't think those are the same thing. But what bothered me more is that she didn't really feel like a scientist. I wanted her to be more precise and methodical, especially since she didn't believe in the supernatural despite growing up with it. Don't even get me started on "How could her parents keep that from her?"

I loved the werewolf action at the end of the story, though I thought the final showdown was a little bit anticlimactic seen from Triana's POV. But I had all the secrets surrounding her father figured out from the beginning. And that wolf pendant that started it all? We never did find out what happened to it.

I think I would have given Wolf Hunt another star if I didn't have to review it. It's one of those books that's fun while I'm reading but when I think about it too much I start to find flaws.

3 stars

About the Author

PAIGE TYLER is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. Paige writes books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines they fall in love with. She lives with her very own military hero (a.k.a. her husband) and their adorable dog on the beautiful Florida coast. 
Twitter: @PaigeTyler

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