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Release Day Review: Driving Rain by Sierra Dean

31560448Driving Rain
(Rain Chaser #2)
Sierra Dean
Release: February 21, 2017
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Cheating death twice in a week should at least merit a vacation.

Too bad for Tallulah Corentine the rainy season is in full swing and her boss, the storm god Seth, has no intention of letting her rest.

When a little girl bearing the mark of Seth is found dead at a Seattle marina, Tallulah worries it might be the work of her childhood flame Prescott, the right hand man to death herself. However things take on a much more sinister aspect when she learns other would-be clerics have gone missing en route to temples across the country.

As priests and clerics from all over North America make their way to the annual Convention of the Gods in Las Vegas, Tallulah begins to worry that someone might be planning to use the children and clerics to make one hell of a scary statement to a world audience.

With the help of a charming demi-god, a teenage tag-along, and the man she knows will bring her nothing but bad luck, Tallulah must uncover the truth and stop an unthinkable plot before she and everyone she cares about ends up dead. 

Driving Rain is a very bingeable read-in-one-day kind of book. It's also the kind that will rip your heart out and hand it back to you one piece at a time. I loved it! A few chapters in I felt like I was in my happy place, maybe because it's been a while since I read an urban fantasy.

I enjoyed getting to see Tallulah on her home turf in Seattle at the beginning of the book, though I spent a few chapters wondering where the boys were. But then Leo is sent to join Tallulah on her next job and all was right in my world again. I'm loving the two of them together, though I still can't define their relationship. Maybe they're a bit like siblings? He'd be a great Sam to Tallulah's Dean if they continue to be partners - she keeps mentioning how freakishly tall he is.

There's a lot less Winchester in Tallulah this time around though. Because most of the story takes place at the Cleric convention in Las Vegas, it doesn't really have that Supernatural road trip feel. Tallulah still loves her hair metal and eats just like Dean though.

And then there's Cade who we get to see on his home turf in Las Vegas, looking a little different than he did in Thunder Road. I love their taboo relationship but I don't want to say too much about it for fear of spoilers.

At the convention we also meet several of the other gods' clerics, including Tallulah's sister Sunny, as well as some new gods. I wasn't familiar with Macha, but I loved her. The whole system of religion in this series is just fascinating to me. (I talked about it a little bit in my review of book one.) This time I felt like we got more insight into the bureaucracy and how the ancient religions adapt to the modern age.

And, oh yeah, Tallulah also has to solve a murder mystery during the convention or she'll face the wrath of an angry goddess as well as a killer. This is such a fun book! It's even better than the first one and I can't wait for more.

Recommended for fans of: Immortal Vegas and The Adventures of Owl

ARC provided by the author

4 1/2  stars

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