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Early Review: Thunder Road by Sierra Dean

25500288Thunder Road
(Rain Chaser #1)
Sierra Dean
Release: July 26, 2015
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Being Chosen was supposed to be a gift.

That’s what Tallulah Corentine’s parents told her when they handed her over to the Rain Chasers on her seventh birthday. It was an honor to be born with a destiny, to be hand selected by the gods before taking her first breath. She should be overjoyed.

Twenty years later, Tallulah is still waiting for the gift. She might have the power of the storm at her fingertips, but she’s spent her whole adult life living under a cloud.

A cross-country trip to find the wayward son of Seth, god of the storm, turns into a fight for her life when she dupes Death out of a valuable treasure. With only a wily con man, a dangerously handsome bad-luck priest, and a lot of lightning to help her, can she deliver the package and keep herself out of an early grave?

Or will Seth be looking for a new Rain Chaser before it’s all over? 

So two people are driving across the U.S. blasting Bon Jovi from a classic muscle car. No, it's not the Winchesters, though their influence is certainly felt. One of those people looks a lot like Frank Castle. He's Cade, servant of Ardra the goddess of bad luck. The other is Talulah, the North American Rain Chaser, servant of Seth the storm god. She's sassy, foul mouthed, and eats like a teenage boy. And, oh yeah, she can channel the power of storms.

In this world, ancient gods are still worshiped, though in a modern way - you can get blessings from a vending machine. They still have temples that serve as headquarters for the humans who are chosen to serve. They still occasionally consort with humans, leaving illegitimate demi-god children all over the world. And they still don't always play nicely with the other gods and goddesses.

Talulah has pissed off the wrong goddess and now Manea and her minions are looking for Seth's son to exact their revenge. Seth sends Talulah and Cade to get the "child" first, but the rest of the gods aren't going to make it easy for them. I felt like there were shades of Percy Jackson in addition to Supernatural on their journey. But road trip stories are one of my very favorite things, so I loved very minute of it.

I liked the blending of mythologies from all over the world and the fact that Dean incorporated some deities, like Ardra, that I wasn't familiar with. And I love that the pop culture influences are just as strong as the classical ones.

Thunder Road is a fast read and a fun ride and I can't wait for more.

Recommended for fans of: Supernatural, road trip stories, mythology

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley


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