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Review: Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Consort
(Guild Hunter #3)
Nalini Singh
Release: January 25, 2011
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Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover, the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael, have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evil…

A vampire has attacked a girls’ school—the assault one of sheer, vicious madness—and it is only the first act. Rampant bloodlust takes vampire after vampire, threatening to make the streets run with blood. Then Raphael himself begins to show signs of an uncontrolled rage, as inexplicable storms darken the city skyline and the earth itself shudders. The omens are suddenly terrifyingly clear.

An ancient and malevolent immortal is rising. The violent winds whisper her name: Caliane. She has returned to reclaim her son, Raphael. Only one thing stands in her way: Elena, the consort who must be destroyed…

Raphael and Elena have returned to New York and the world now knows that Elena is not only alive but an angel-made. That in itself has interesting consequences but it's not the only thing they're having to deal with. Weird events are occurring all over the world and they quickly realize that these events can only mean one thing. An Ancient is waking up.

I really enjoyed this addition to the series! I think I'll always be up for reading more and more of Elena and Raphael's adventures. Elena is still coming to grips with her immortality and the new abilities she gained when she became an angel. Although she is stronger and heals faster than she ever did as a human, she is still weak compared to other angels and even the older vampires in the population. She is determined to train as hard as possible though because she doesn't want to be seen as Raphael's weakness. She has become a target because everyone can see how much he cares for her and that they can hurt him by injuring her. It's not an easy adjustment. Like in the last book, Elena is still learning the rules and learning what her body is now capable of but she is just as brave and determined as she ever was. She may be weaker than her enemies but she refuses to back down and wants to stand by Raphael. The two of them will always be stronger together than they are separately and I love that although they are both uncertain when it comes to relationships and find it difficult to trust they work together to overcome their issues.

They're getting better but Raphael and Elena are still learning how to be a couple and, like with the last book, I loved seeing them working their way to what they want their relationship to be. Raphael has changed so much from when we first met him, he is still dangerous and he's still scary as hell but he is also unbelievably sweet to and protective of Elena. Just as Elena is with him. I'm loving them together more and more as the series progresses!

Archangel's Consort is just as amazing as the first two books in the series! We are not only learning more about both of Raphael and Elena's pasts and their families but of the Seven's as well. It makes me glad that they all have each other and made their own family. I can't wait to spend more time with each of them. Illium is definitely a favorite of mine and I really hope he gets a book of his own at some point. I'm even starting to warm up to Dimitri and Venom now that we're getting to know them better.

The characters are what really makes this series for me but each book has it's own unique and fast moving plot that hooks me from the first page every time. I'm never ready for them to end. Nalini Singh is a definite master of the paranormal genre and this series is one of my all-time favorites and I don't see that changing any time soon. The waiting for the next books in the series is going to be painful.


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