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Review: Moves Like Jagger by Dakota Cassidy

Moves Like Jagger
(Wolf Mates #4)
Dakota Cassidy
Release: Dec. 20, 2015
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Moves Like Jagger, the eagerly anticipated 4th book in the Wolf Mates series by USA Today bestselling author Dakota Cassidy is here. Return to Cedar Glen for a laugh-out-loud cast of characters and a mystery to solve. Love is in the air and danger is on the horizon in this holiday romp in the woods.

The weather outside is frightful, but the romance is so delightful in Cedar Glen!

Vivienne Hathaway is a cat shifter who's still learning about the ways of the paranormal. Sometimes she finds herself in a bit of a mess as she works out the kinks.

Like looking out from the inside of a dog crate.


And on her way to be spayed.


When she meets hot bear-shifter, Jagger Dubrov and Cedar Glen's local mobile veterinarian during a catch and release program designed to thwart the population of feral cats in his new hometown, Jagger mistakenly catches Viv, and it's all out holiday magic at first sight.

As Viv and Jagger begin a perfectly fine Christmas romance and get to know each other over eggnog and mistletoe, a problem lurks. Someone’s hunting pets and killing the wildlife in Cedar Glen, a strictly forbidden practice. And that someone? They also want Viv dead.
Moves Like Jagger features Vivienne, who was introduced in the first Wolf Mates book, An American Werewolf in Hoboken (she's the heroine JC's best friend) and has just moved to Cedar Glen. She's snarky and charming and loves 90's boy bands. When she meets the hero Jagger, the town's new vet, they bond over their love of animals, which made me like them both a little more, and some odd but endearing banter.

The first half of the book is basically a whirlwind romance that keeps getting interrupted by Jagger's vet calls. I was surprised that it took the villain so long to show up, especially since this is a shorter book. (It comes in at just over a hundred pages, much like book three, Gotta Have Faith.) I knew right away who that villain was and more or less what they were up to, so there wasn't much mystery for me. However, it turns out that this is only part of Vivienne's story. The next book will follow her and another character as they search for the man who embezzled her family's fortune.

Moves Like Jagger was a fun story for me, if not a perfect one. I'm not normally one to go out of my way to read seasonally appropriate books, but I really enjoyed reading about snow on the ground and characters hanging Christmas lights, especially since it's been unseasonably warm here lately. I love the town of Cedar Glen, a refuge for misfit shifters, and the eccentric characters that live there. I'm looking forward to checking in on them all again in the future.

I also think you could pick up this book if you're looking for a holiday rom-com, even if you haven't read the earlier books in the series. Everything you need to know going in about the town and the characters is explained. Some of the previous couples appear and others are mentioned, but it's not especially spoilery.

Recommended for fans of: Paranormal Rom-Coms

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