Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Review: Network Effect by Martha Wells

Network Effect
(The Murderbot Diaries #6)
Martha Wells
Release: May 5, 2020
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Murderbot returns in its highly-anticipated, first, full-length standalone novel.

You know that feeling when you’re at work, and you’ve had enough of people, and then the boss walks in with yet another job that needs to be done right this second or the world will end, but all you want to do is go home and binge your favorite shows? And you're a sentient murder machine programmed for destruction? Congratulations, you're Murderbot.

Come for the pew-pew space battles, stay for the most relatable A.I. you’ll read this century.

I’m usually alone in my head, and that’s where 90 plus percent of my problems are.

When Murderbot's human associates (not friends, never friends) are captured and another not-friend from its past requires urgent assistance, Murderbot must choose between inertia and drastic action.

Drastic action it is, then.

Oh, Murderbot! How I have missed you! This book gets all the stars!!! ALL THE STARS! In my opinion, Murderbot is the best sci-fi character ever hands down. Sorry, Mark Watney! You're now number 2 in my sci-fi loving heart.

Since this is the first full length novel in this series I had high expectations going into it and it freaking blew them out of the water! It was everything I wanted it to be and more! Okay! Okay! I'll be done gushing now and get on with the actual review.

Murderbot is now a "citizen" of Preservation and is frequently hired to act as the security consultant for their associates (never friends) when they need them to. The book starts off fantastically with Murderbot saving a new Preservation team filled old faves and new characters (including Mensah's teenage daughter) from pirates and it's non-stop action from there.

The plot was fast-paced and filled with a mystery that Murderbot literally gets dragged into by another old non-friend. I won't say much about the storyline because I feel like it's one of those plots you need to just experience for your self. I will say that it was fun seeing ART (aka Asshole Research Transport) again! I love the interactions between ART and Murderbot so much!

I loved this whole novel but I especially loved about it is there's these flashback scenes we get where we can see how Murderbot is adjusting to being on Preservation and how Dr. Mensah is handling everything from her kidnapping and escape from GrayCris. I loved seeing Mensah and Murderbot interactions and how Murderbot learns to deal with Mensah's whole family as well as the original Preservation team.

Murderbot is still awkward, anti-social, and overly attached to their drones but their world and associations just keep expanding and it is a delight to see the events and the effects of those events unfold. I love that they still just want to watch the entertainment feeds all the time but they still step up and help out! I honestly I can't wait to see what happens next in this series! This book just came out and I already need more Murderbot in my life! I need for it to be April 2021 already so I can get my hands on the next novella!

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  5 / 5 Stars

Book #18-  Library #3- Read Any Book You Want

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