Friday, August 17, 2018

Weres Wanna Know: What are your favorite things to receive in subscription boxes?

If you’ve been on Twitter this week, you probably know what inspired this post. I’ve been doing the book box thing for about a year and a half and I’ve gotten some great stuff. I thought it might be nice to call out something positive instead of letting one person's poor judgment dominate the conversation.

Of course there have been a few things that are just not for me along the way as well. For example, even without the soap-related controversy, I’m not a fan of bath products. I just don’t take baths. Though on the plus side, they usually make the box smell good when you open it.

But here are some of my favorite types of things to find in a box:

Candles are easy to store on bookshelves, which is a big point in their favor. I try to keep them with the matching books when I can. The mini ones even fit on top of the books and fill some of that negative space that I hate in my shelfies.

The Red London candle came from Whimsify Box. I ordered the others from their website.

Mugs also sit on bookshelves well, though I'm kind of afraid of knocking them over when I take the books out. I have one that holds bookmarks and two that hold my bookish pens and pencils. If I get too many more, I might have to start drinking out of them. Last month's Whimsify box had a travel mug that I forgot to include in the picture but I'm definitely going to use.

Illuminae Files mug from Whimsify, Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles and Book Worm mugs from Owlcrate.

This may seem like an odd choice. I just happen to actually need new coasters. I'd like to wind up with four of these round cork-bottomed ones. If they could be in coordinating colors, that would be nice too. The square one I usually use as a mouse pad.

HP and Nyxia coasters from Whimsify, Fox from Owlcrate.

Office Supplies
I love getting pens and notebooks because I know I’ll use them even if I don’t follow the fandom they feature. But my all-time fave is probably the thumb tacks from last month’s Owlcrate.

Notepads, pen and pencils from Owlcrate and Whimsify.

 I would love to get a pillow cover or a throw in a future box. I've seen them on Instagram, but haven't received any myself. Like with the coasters, this is motivated by the fact that I want new ones anyway. But that means that if I got them I know I would use them.

What are your favorite things to get in a subscription box?

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