Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Reasons We Want to be Victoria Schwab When We Grow Up

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This Week's Topic Is:
Authors You'd Want to Write Like
But we could really only think of one, so here are the top five reasons we want to be Victoria Schwab when we grow up.

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5. Her Wardrobe and Cosplay Skills
Like Victoria, I am a huge fan having a mostly black wardrobe. Although hers is way more diverse than mine. I envy her nerdy t-shirts and I will admit that I've bought more than one that I've seen her wearing. She also has some serious cosplay skills. Just look at the costume she assembled for her Howl cosplay! It is glorious!

4. She Travels The World
It would be great just to go on a book tour and meet people all over the world, but Victoria actually lived in Scotland for a month to write A Conjuring of Light. Plus, she spent a year there for grad school. I would love to have a job that let me do that!

3. Her Versatilty
Not only does she write for three different audiences - MG, YA, and adult, she rewrites vastly different books in each age group. Vicious is nothing like A Darker Shade of Magic. Same with This Savage Song vs. The Archived. But the one thing each has in common besides their uniqueness is beautiful and atmospheric writing that just sucks you into the story.

2. She's a Fangirl Just Like Us
Victoria is a lovely person both in person and online. But one of the things I've loved about following her on Twitter and Instagram is seeing her geek out about everything from books to anime to movies to authors. Her fangirling over the Captive Prince books is what made me pick them up. I started watching Black Butler because of her. And her fangirling over Neil Gaiman, an author I also adore, just endeared her to me more.

1. Her Productivity
Victoria reads about the same number of books as I do every year because he considers it part of her job. But she also writes multiple books in a year. Even if you add up all the blog posts both Rose Red and I have written, it's nowhere near that many words. She usually releases at least one book a year and most of the time it's two, like next year when we get both Vengeful and City of Ghosts. The woman must run on tea alone. Seriously, when does she sleep?


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