Friday, November 10, 2017

Subscription Box Review: October Whimsify Box

This is my second unboxing for October. Scroll down to Monday's post for the October Owlcrate. I'm trying to decide if they should be all one post, though I would probably have fewer photos then, or if all the unboxings should be Instagram only. If anyone has a opinion, tell me in the comments.

The October Whimsify Theme was

Have I mentioned that Whimsify has a candle in every box? This month's is by Liber deStella. It's inspired by Neville Longbottom (yay!) and has a masculine scent with an overlay of roses. I wonder if that's what he smells like after hugging his grandma?

White tea bath salts from The Soap Librarian are inspired by Jane Eyre. I'm not a bath person but these smell really good and I love how they actually look like tea.

Art print featuring Wylan from Six of Crows designed by Tara Spruit. So, confession: I DNFed Six of Crows (but I do think Wylan looks pretty.) That means you'll probably be seeing a SoC themed giveaway in 2018 when I've collected enough merchandise.

Strange the Dreamer notebook inspired by Lazlo Strange. I love this design by Dorothy Reads. And I'll definitely use this one since I take notes when reading review books.

This box has had such great bookmarks so far! I love the Stranger Things bookmark by Studio Adorkable. So cute! I've only seen the first episode but season two is getting so much buzz that I may have to pick it up again soon. 

I almost missed the button in the bottom of my box. It's from Gogoghost and represents the Losers' Club from It. It's a little manhole cover!


This month's book is Nyxia by Scott Reintgren. This one's been on my radar for a while and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Whimsify is also doing a photo challenge this month, which is one of my favorite things about subscription boxes. You can see those pics over on my personal Instagram. (Link in the sidebar.)

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