Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Bromances

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This week's topic is:
Favorite Bromances

5. Locke and Jean from the Gentleman Bastard Series
 The epic fantasy genre is full of epic bromances but my all-time favorite has to be the friendship between Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen. These two constantly exhibit a dedication to one another that would make any average human jealous. They are always there for each other and believe me it has not been all sunshine and roses but it works. Their friendship is one of the most epic ones I've ever had the pleasure to read. Jean is the brawny and level-headed counterweight to Locke’s emotionally-driven recklessness and it is everything!

4. Ronan and Gansey from The Raven Cycle
Ronan and Gansey are the ones out of Blue and her Raven Boys that have been friends the longest. Gansey knew Ronan before his father's murder. They've been there for each other through funerals, insomnia, Aglionby, and the quest for Glendower. They're the bromance I recommend when people ask me for YA books with great friendships.

3. Trent Kalamack and Jenks in Pale Demon
Pixie Jenks is Rachel Morgan's sidekick throughout most of The Hollows series, but in Pale Demon and the novella Million Dollar Baby that takes place during, he's working with Trent. Apparently it's tradition for elves to bring a pixie along on a quest. And once they get over the fact that they don't like each other, they make a great team. Is an "enemies to bromance" trope a thing?

2. Bones and Ian in the Night Huntress series
So maybe I just love Ian. Did you see he's getting his own series next year? I think it's Ian's friendship with Bones that keeps him from going full on supervillain early in the series. But by the end he's part of the family, though maybe he's that in-law that Cat doesn't want to admit she's related to.

1. Derek and Ascanio in the Kate Daniels series
Surely I'm not the only one hoping for a Kate Daniels spin off series set a few years after the original where the current teenagers take the lead? I love Ascanio for the same reasons I love Ian and Derek is both a big brother figure and the balance for all of those miscreant tendencies.


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