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Early Review: Black Magic Bayou by Sierra Dean

25107564Black Magic Bayou
(Genie McQueen #2)
Sierra Dean
Release: October 5, 2016
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ARC provided by the author
Genie McQueen never thought she’d be an alpha. 

She grew up apart from her pack, trying to hone her dangerous magical gifts, while her twin brother Ben stayed home to be groomed for a leadership role. But after proving her mettle to her uncle Callum, the King of the South, she’s suddenly found herself the alpha of New Orleans. 

As she tries to adapt to her new, powerful position—and a blossoming relationship with the werewolf outcast, Wilder Shaw—Genie is confronted with something that only the witch part of her can fix.

It seems the sorority sisters at Delta Phi have been going missing, but leaving everything they own behind. Those remaining in the house have reported strange happenings since the girls have gone missing. With no bodies, and no clues, Genie’s ex Cash turns to her for help on behalf of his new girlfriend.

Can Genie unravel the mystery of the vanished girls, maintain order in the New Orleans pack, and keep herself alive long enough for a night out with Wilder? 

Genie’s about to find out what’s scarier—a haunted house or going on your first date ever in your twenties.
When we last saw Genie McQueen her uncle, the werewolf king, had just named her Alpha of New Orleans. Now a few months later, she's facing the first real test of her leadership when two of her pack members are arrested. Genie agrees to consult on the case to clear their names. I love it when UF heroines play detective and I'm curious about what this means for Genie going forward. Then, in case she doesn't have enough on her plate already, Genie's ex-boyfriend asks her to help his new girlfriend find her missing sorority sisters.

One of the things I liked about the first book in the series is that it felt like a werewolf story. Even though Genie's become the Alpha, this story focuses on her witch side. We get to see some of the magical side of NOLA and meet a witch who I hope will continue to be part of the series. I loved Santiago, though I felt like he overshadowed Genie's boyfriend Wilder, who (except for one particular scene) doesn't get to do much more than play bodyguard.

You don't need to have read the Secret McQueen series to enjoy Genie's books, but if you have you'll love this one. Genie's sister Secret gets mentioned several times and even makes an appearance, calling Genie on the phone as she boards a plane to hunt vampires in the Amazon. If you think that sounds like a fun story, you're right it is. And it's included at the end of the book. Events from Secret's series involving Genie's mother and grandmother also come into play.

Black Magic Bayou was a fast read, but I really enjoyed it and I'm ready for more Genie. (Or Secret. Either McQueen sister will do.)

Recommended for fans of: witchy magic, Secret McQueen, NOLA 


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