Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Alpha Showdown Is On! Vote For Simon!

Like Gretl, I too was a fan of Vampire Book Club's Alpha Showdown before I started blogging. This annual competition pits our favorite paranormal characters against each other to see who's the bigger badass. This year I'm actually championing an Alpha.

VBC: Home of Alpha Showdown

Who am I championing? You ask. My alpha is none other than the delightfully feral Simon Wolfgard from Anne Bishop's The Others series. (You all know how much we love Simon, Meg, and the rest of the Lakeside Courtyard residents around here!) He's taking on Vlad from the Night Huntress and Night Prince series in Round 6.

This round is open through the rest of today. So please go read the pitches and vote for Simon!

For more on his series, you can check out our reviews.

Gretl is also championing an alpha in the showdown this year and Mercy made it to the next round. Watch for her next round coming soon!

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