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Review: Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Magic Strikes
(Kate Daniels #3)
Ilona Andrews
Release: March 31, 2009
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When magic strikes and Atlanta goes to pieces, it’s a job for Kate Daniels…

Drafted into working for the Order of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels has more paranormal problems than she knows what to do with these days. And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the tide, that’s saying a lot.

But when Kate's werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead, she must confront her greatest challenge yet. As her investigation leads her to the Midnight Games—an invitation only, no holds barred, ultimate preternatural fighting tournament—she and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, uncover a dark plot that may forever alter the face of Atlanta's shapeshifting community…

Review by Rose Red:

I've reviewed Ilona Andrews's books before and have always said that the writing and the action in these books are fantastic! Well, I’m going to say it again... the writing in this installment was fantastic and the plot was awesome. It met the high standards I’ve come to associate and expect out of a Ilona Andrews book.

Magic Strikes is the third book in the Kate Daniels series and there is no rest for Kate and her friends. We are thrown back into our post-magic apocalypse Atlanta and there’s new players wreaking destruction as well as a highly illegal underground game.

Kate is one kick-ass heroine that I thoroughly enjoy reading. She has good heart, a core of steel, and moves to back herself up. I have loved her character development. She is trying to adjust to having friends and people she cares about. All her life she was told to never make friends or have a relationship, so for her this is new and goes agents what she was taught. The author gives us more information on Kate’s past, who she really is, and why she tries to stay hidden. She’s starting to realize that staying hidden may not be an option anymore with so many people she cares about now.

What I like most about this book is that we're seeing more of Kate and her relationships. Yes, there is action and intrigue but more importantly, Kate is becoming more open to being entangled with the people around her. She’s come out of her shell and she’s starting to realize that there’s no going back into it. People are important and she's as much a guardian of the people she's taken into her life as she is to the nameless faces that she protects. She’s starting to fight for her place in her friends’ lives.

Kate’s relationship with Curran is also changing. He’s chasing/courting her as a shifter would and she is totally in denial. In my opinion, the romance in this series is handled so well. It's been obvious from book one what's going to happen, but Andrews is in no hurry, and has been content to keep Curran as a supporting character rather than letting him drive out all the other supporting characters. This lets Kate have satisfying emotional connections apart from any romantic ones. I will say that I am really enjoying how Kate and Curran’s relationship is developing despite Kate’s denial. I’ve said this before but the banter between those two is so great! It seriously had me laughing out loud so many times. I love that Kate gives as good as she gets and the fact that she doesn't cower in front of Curran even though he tends to scare the living daylights out of her makes their interactions even better.

This book is brilliant! If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, then this series is a must read. The Andrews team has created a unique in-depth world full of mystery, magic, and technology blended together for an action-packed non-stop adventure. If you haven’t started this series, you really need to go get book one. I promise you won’t regret it!

  5 / 5 Stars!!!

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  1. Impressive. I've never given Ilona Andrews a real look before, but I think it's time I did. Everyone *wants* to write a strong heroine, great action, and solid supporting characters, but it sounds like she well and truly does. I'll go see.

  2. I think Magic Strikes is my fave in this series. It solidifies her core group and let's us get to know them all better.

  3. This is my favorite in the series and possibly my favorite book ever.


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