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Audio Review: Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole

Dead of Winter
(Arcana Chronicles #3)
Author: Kresley Cole
Narrator: Emma Galvin
Release: January 6, 2015
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Can Evie convince her rival loves to work together? Their survival depends on it in this third book of #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles, a nonstop action tale of rescue, redemption, and a revenge most wicked.
Heartbreaking decisions
Evie was almost seduced by the life of comfort that Death offered her—until Jack was threatened by two of the most horrific Arcana, the Lovers. She will do anything to save him, even escape Death’s uncanny prison, full of beautiful objects, material comforts…and stolen glances from a former love.
Uncertain victory
Despite leaving a part of her heart behind with Death, Evie sets out into a perilous post-apocalyptic wasteland to meet up with her allies and launch an attack on the Lovers. Such formidable enemies require a battle plan, and the only way to kill them may mean Evie, Jack, and Death allying. Evie doesn’t know what will prove more impossible: surviving slavers, plague, Bagmen and other Arcana—or convincing Jack and Death to work together.
Two heroes returned
There’s a thin line between love and hate, and Evie just doesn’t know where she stands with either Jack or Death. Will this unlikely trio be able to defeat The Lovers without killing one another first...?

Geez, I love this series. And the audiobook for this book was amazing. Kresley Cole has the incredible ability to create a rich and unique world that sucks me so deeply into it that I don't even want to turn off the audio and leave my car when I get to work. And when I do inevitably leave my vehicle, I feel naked and cold for a few minutes without that world embracing me.

Dead of Winter is the third book in this series and I loved it just as much as the first two. The world of the Arcana is wonderfully developed and I love that we're in the third book of the series and STILL haven't met all of the "cards" yet. Cole has proven that she has some sort of crazy intricate design for the series locked up in her head with the way she slowly rolls out a minimal amount of details about this world in each book.

The only thing that got slightly overdone was Evie's back and forth between Jack and Death throughout most of the book. I could have used longer stretches of time in the book where she had her mind made up about her decision rather that her changing her mind every other chapter, but at the same time this book was supposed to highlight her growing and changing feelings for both guys. Book one built a solid relationship with Jack and book two created a romance with Death that I personally didn't think I would be as into as I am. In book three Evie wavered constantly. I'm still not sure which guy I truly want her to be with in the end, but I'm pretty sure I'm on Team Death. I don't have much to hold against Jack, I just prefer bad-boy-makes-good-but-is-sometimes-still-pretty-bad Death.

In this one we learn more about the Empress and the Lovers. The Lovers were as cruel and bizarre as expected and I was happy we got to finally get more information about them and see them in action. We're left curious about the Empress and I'm hoping that we see more of her in the next book because she's an interesting "card" with what seems like an interesting story to tell. I always enjoy the complex plots in the Arcana Chronicles books and how the alliances, connections, and betrayals among all of the different characters play out as the story progresses.

The Arcana Chronicles series is one of my all time favorite young adult series, although it often doesn't really read like a YA novel. I adore these books and I CAN'T WAIT to see where Evie and the gang's story goes next. Like, literally...can't wait. I won't make it guys.

Notes on the Narrator: This one was my first time listening to the audio for a book in this particular series...and I LOVED it. I received a finished copy for review but couldn't start it right away and by the time I got to it the audio was out so I thought I'd give it a try. Emma Galvin is a fabulous Evie and even manages to do completely unique sounding voices for both Jack and Death! She narrated the audio for Beautiful Disaster as well and I loved her voice then too. It has a certain quality that's perfect for an older teenage girl with a little bit of oomph to her.

Recommended for fans of: intricate world building, tarot, older young adult books, and love triangles.

This review is based partially on an advanced finished copy, provided by the author, and partially based on the audiobook, purchased by myself. 

  4.5 / 5 stars

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