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Read This F@!%ing Book (31)

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 31: The Others Series by Anne Bishop
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Not Your Normal Supernaturals 
The Others is not like any urban fantasy series I've ever read. I loved how different the Terra Indigene (aka the Others) were! They're not softened, romanticized, or even humanized. They don’t pursue romantic relationships with their food and they make no apologies for the way they live. In the world of The Others, supernatural creatures don't hide. They don't cater to human fickleness in the hopes of preserving peace. They own the earth and everything in it, and they allow humans to exist as long as "the monkeys" don't become too much of a nuisance.  

There are all kinds of different creatures that make up the Terra Indigene. There's elementals, vampires, shifters, and who knows what else. It's mentioned in Written in Red that the shifters had adopted their animal forms so long ago that they had likewise adopted some of the animal behavior that comes along with those forms. And this is one of the best parts about these books: wolves, crows, and hawks while in their human form act like wolves and crows and hawks. Whether it's a wolf threatening to eat someone because they're aggravated, a crow refusing to give correct change because the coins are shiny, or a hawk looking through packages because they smelled a mouse, it adds a depth to the characters I've never seen before. It's just all so amazing!

I've Never Read A Character Like Meg
Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a blood prophet. She's a human who sees prophecies whenever her skin is cut deep enough to bleed. As a protagonist, I’ve never encountered a character quite like Meg. She's both intelligent and innocent which is not an easy combination to get right but Anne Bishop does it. Meg's story is heartbreaking. She was kept locked up in a compound and educated only in ways that would help her describe her prophecies which means she had only ever seen pictures and short videos of life and things outside her little prison. She had never experienced them for herself, until she escaped and came to the courtyard to live with the Others. And unlike most humans, she’s not paralyzed with fear and hatred by the Terra Indigene. She shows them kindness because it had been the one thing she’d always been denied, and in return, they don’t eat her. Gradually, Meg helps the Others see that not all humans are not created equal. And Meg being Meg even befriends some of the most lethal Others. I can't wait to read more about her adventures in the next books,

The Others is my favorite urban fantasy series since Patricia Briggs, Kevin Hearne, and Ilona Andrews made me realize how much I love this fantastic genre. I love everything about these books from the gorgeous and frightening world that is similar but deliciously other from ours, to the tightly written suspense plot, and the characters who are so primal and wild and so very not human. I can’t declare my love for this series enough! I plan to devour Anne Bishop’s backlist while I endure the wait for the next book in this series.

This series is a must-read for fans of Urban Fantasy!


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  1. I agree completely. I love this series. I'm on pins and needles waiting for Visions of Silver to be released on audio.

  2. When I first read Written in Red I wasn't impressed. I handed it off to my sister saying, "You may or may not enjoy this, it was kind of meh." For some reason I reread it when she gave it back. Since then, I have read both books several times and got both on audio book (love the narrator). Something just clicked in that second read. I even pre-ordered (gasp!!!) Vision in Silver on audio book and am on the list to get the paper version at the library.


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