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Goldilox and the Three Scares Event and Giveaway: Delilah S. Dawson!


Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we LOVE Halloween! So we wrangled up some willing authors and put together some fun posts and giveaways for you all! 

Our theme for the event this year is What Scares You? 

Check back every weekday between October 20th and October 31st to see which authors are visiting and the awesomeness they are each giving away!

Today's author is:
Delilah S. Dawson

Delilah S. Dawson's YA Southern Gothic Horror novel Servants of the Storm is a great Halloween read! It's cool and super-creepy. A big part of that is Kitty, Savannah's most fashionable night club owner and fox-eared demon. Delilah recently tracked her down and convinced her to answer some questions. Here's their interview.

Delilah: Hi, Kitty. Thanks for sitting down to answer some questions for readers of Servants of the Storm.
Kitty: Bored now.
Delilah: Watch a lot of Buffy, do you?
Kitty: I'm rolling my eyes. You can't tell, since they're all black, but I'm rolling them. I've been around a long time. I've seen everything. Except Angel. I never liked that guy.
Delilah: I can imagine. So what can you tell us about your club?
Kitty: Have you ever eaten at Golden Corral?
Delilah: Um, yes. Unfortunately.
Kitty: It's a lot like that, but for demons. And with better music. And fog machines. A taste of this, a sample of that. Every now and then, I get to bite off a finger just to shake things up.
Delilah: Does Josephine ever show up?
Kitty: *laughs* She wouldn't dare. Can you imagine that hideous albino alligator suit shuffling through the door and up to the bar for a drink? She may have the power, but she doesn't have the style. Never did. Which is probably why she likes Dawn so much. Dawn is like Paula Deen with owl feet and just as annoying. They probably sit around and do macrame with intestines. I'd rather party.
Delilah: So tell us about the first soul you took. Who was it?
Kitty: *shrugs* Like I care. I seem to recall there's a chapter of the bible that's mostly names and "begat." Pick a name. It didn't matter. We were born, and if we wanted to survive, we devoured. People were a lot filthier back then. Thank heavens for Bath and Body Works.
Delilah: Do you have a favorite 'flavor' of emotion?
Kitty: There's nothing as delicious as fear. It's sudden, it grabs you, and it hits bottom with a satisfying thunk. Although taking a man's virginity and soul, in that order, is my second favorite. Do you have any attractive young friends?
Delilah: Uh, no.
Kitty: A shame, that.
Delilah: What was your favorite soul?
Kitty: A certain very famous actor was in Savannah, filming a movie. I heard him say that life was like a box of chocolates, and I had to have his distal. I keep it in a candy box.
Delilah: So what's your endgame here?
Kitty: *waves finger* Tsk. A lady never tells. But I have plans.
Delilah: Why fox ears?
Kitty: Because cat ears would be too ironic and elephant ears would be inconvenient. I mean, why do you have a nose? Idiot.
Delilah: Look, I'm asking questions from your fans here...
Kitty: I'd love to meet them.
Delilah: NO WAY. I need them to buy my books so I can buy boots and cake.
Kitty: Well, that's entirely unselfish of you.
Delilah: Last question. Do you have any empathy or morality for humans?
Kitty: *stares and licks her lips* No more than a cattle rancher has for his herd. I want you healthy, stupid, pliant, and easily terrified. If I look remotely human to you, it's because camouflage is important to a predator. So my question is... why aren't you scared?
Delilah: *holds up hand*
Kitty: Damn.

Special thanks to the members of Josephine's Army, the Servants of the Storm Street Team, for supplying the questions. Find them on Facebook here.

To read my review of Servants of the Storm, click here.

Delilah S. Dawson is a writer, a geek, an artist, an adventure junky, and a coffee and cupcake connoisseur. She writes books for young adults and mostly-adults that range from whimsical to dark to sexy to horrific to adventuresome. She can occasionally be NSFW, but when she is, it's usually because she's ranting about writing or sexism or talking honestly about her experiences with rape, depression, and suicide.

Delilah loves having adventures, playing on the trapeze, horseback riding, seeing superhero movies, going to cons, traveling, reading, tacos, the ocean, pretty boots, eating weird animals, tattoos, vests, cosplay, The Cure, painting, narwhals, octopodes, crows, cheese, drinks made with elderflower, dark chocolate, cold sheets, Boyd Crowder, and shows like Justified, Firefly, Venture Bros., Community, Adventure Time, Arrested Development, TWD, and Frisky Dingo. Please geek out with her on Twitter for full SQUEE.

One winner will receive a signed hardcover copy of Servants of the Storm from Delilah S. Dawson. Winner must be at least 13 years old and a U.S. resident.
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  1. I'm so looking forward to reading Servants Of The Storm...thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Servants of the Storm sounds like such a great story - and that cover, it's so awesome. :D

  3. This book sounds really good! Thanks for the giveaway!!!


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