Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two New Excerpts!

So, this afternoon I was delighted to discover that two of my FAVORITE authors posted excerpts from their upcoming sequels on their blogs! I just new I had to share these with you all!

So, the first excerpt is actually from book two in the McKenzie Lewis series, written by Sandy Williams, titled The Shattered Dark. But since it doesn't have a cover or synopsis yet, I've put a picture of the first book here. This was one of the best urban fantasy romances I've ever read and surprised the heck out of me when I read it! 

Here is the excerpt from book two, from Sandy's blog. You can read it here: 

If you missed my review of this one, you can find it HERE.

The second excerpt is from the wonderful Stacey Jay. Her Annabelle Lee series is a dark urban fantasy that I ADORE! I have actually already read this sequel (and given it five strong, flashing, sparkling stars!) but my review won't be up for another couple of weeks.

Here is the excerpt from Blood on the Bayou, which is book two in this series and releases on March 27th. You can read it on Stacey's blog here:

Blood on the Bayou, A Wee Teaser........

If you missed my review of book one, Dead on the Delta, you can find it HERE.

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  1. I loved The Shadow Reader!! Thanks for the heads up!

    Beth ^_^


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