Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interview and Giveaway: Carolyn Crane

Joining the pack today is
Carolyn Crane!

The wonderful Carolyn Crane agreed to let me interview her with some totally random questions, and then even offered to give away an e-book copy of her new novella Devil's Luck! Read on, then enter to win on the Rafflecopter form below!

First, some questions about the novella:

Describe Simon in 5 words or less:
Reckless, intense, introspective, driven, intelligent

What made you decide to give Simon a novella?
I created Simon originally as somebody in the gang who could be an enemy to my heroine, Justine, but I ended up becoming sort of fascinated by him, and readers liked him, too. And, I just felt like there was a lot of room to create an interesting story for him.

Will any other Disillusionists get a novella?
I don’t have plans for it at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Possibly Carter, mister angry.

Now, for some random questions:

What/Who Would You Choose........

….if you could be one of the X-Men?
Emma Frost! Because she used to be a villain. I like the idea of a reformed villain.

…if you could be a Shifter (what kind)? 
Naturally I have given this a great deal of thought in the last few years (I have!) and I have a ready answer: Seagull shifter!

…if you could spend the day with a celebrity crush?
George Clooney

…if you could have any other career?
I know that soap operas are dying now, but I always dreamed of writing on one. Or else a police officer.

…if you could live in any fictional world?
Terre D’Ange, the world in the series beginning with Kushiel’s Dart. It is rich and wild and interesting. Just love that world!!

…if you could meet any fictional man?
Here I would go with Nicholas Brisbane from the Lady Julia Grey series. He is, of course, mysterious and smoldering and anti-social and probably wouldn’t even give me the time of day, but does your fantasy quiz come with the power to make the man be nice to you and all that? I’m pretending that it does!!

…if you could have any Disillusionist ability?
I suppose defensively, you can’t beat filling somebody with fear, which is Justine’s ability. however, on an everyday basis, I’d take Helmut’s ability to fill a person with worry and concern about what is happening in the world around them. I think not enough people are paying attention!

…if you could eat one candy the rest of your life?
Oh, oh, oh…and the answer can’t be TwixButterfingersKitKat? What? No such candy? I’ll go with Kit Kat! Because, you get the chocolate, but also, the cookie.

Hey, thanks so much for having me, Goldilox!

Now the:
Lighting Giveaway

You must enter before March 1 at 12:01 AM!

Carolyn is giving away one e-book copy of the Disillusionists novella Devil's Luck, which is about the dark and twisty Simon! This is a Lightning Giveaway, meaning that you only have a little over 24 hours to enter! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. You must be 13 or older to enter, and this is an international giveaway since the prize is an e-book. 
Good luck!

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Interested in checking out Simon some more?


  1. I loved the Disillusionists Trilogy. Simon was a huge favorite of mine, so I'm extremely happy that he got his own novella. I actually like Simon's ability. It'd be fun to make people reckless. Or to invade dreams like Ez.

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  2. Great interview, Christen! I can't wait to read this novella.

  3. I'm not familiar with the disillusionists but now I want to be. I would want the power to turn invisible. There is so much I would like to know that people don't talk about when you are around. I think I would also like the ability to go through walls so that I could turn invisible and then go through the wall.

  4. Some fun and fine powers to have here!

  5. Not familiar with disillusionists. I think I would love to be able to read someone's mind or to become invisible.

  6. Ha! A seagull shifter. I've read a series where the protagonist was a seagull shifter (among other things) and it didn't work out so well for her. Apparently, flying is rather difficult ;)

    Great interview and answers.

  7. I'm so not sure about which disillusionist power I'd like to have, but I have a feeling I'd be like Justine. I could recognise a lot about myself in her! Plus, I guess it would be nice to get rid of that feeling, lol.

    Great interview and awesome giveaway \o/

  8. Oh no! I didn't think about the downfall of not being able to fly as a seagull shifter! LOL. Thanks for stopping by you guys. This interview was so much fun!


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