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Top 10 of 2011: Top 10 Book Characters

Welcome to the Top 10 of 2011, hosted by Confessions of a BookaholicA Life Bound by BooksfiktshunTwo Chicks on Books!!! I am very excited to participate in this weeklong event to share my faves of 2011! Here is the schedule for this week:
Monday 12/26 – Top 10 Books I’ve read in 2011
Tuesday 12/27 – Top 10 Book Covers of 2011
Wednesday 12/28 – Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011
Thursday 12/29 – Top 10 Characters in 2011
Friday 12/30 – Top 10 Books I’m looking forward to in 2012

It's all very exciting, isn't it?!?!? So, here is the fourth Top 10 of the week:

These are my favorite characters! I had a REALLY hard time with this list - probably the hardest of all the Top 10's this week. I just love characters. They're what make the books so wonderful!

by Kendare Blake

I didn't know how I was going to like reading from a guy's POV, but it turned out that I absolutely loved him.

“I’m not a superhero,” I say. It’s an awful tag. It’s egotistical, and it doesn’t fit. I don’t parade around in spandex.”

The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan #3)
by Kelly Gay

Rex is this character that enters this series toward the end of book one with all odds against him. Charlie and the others shouldn't really like him (because of who and what he is) but somehow he finds his way into their hearts and he certainly found him way into mine! He is also freaking hysterical! He has some of the best lines in all three books. 

Dead on the Delta (Annabelle Lee #1)
by Stacey Jay

Annabelle Lee wins the award for underachiever of the year. Yet she is somehow still one of my favorite protagonists ever. Half the town thinks she is a total loser, she runs into her ex-boyfriend with wing sauce all over her face, and she's being harassed by invisible people. Love it.

"I have to keep fighting. I have to 'reach deep down and shit myself', or whatever it is the crazy man told me to do."

This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress #5)
by Jeaniene Frost

Don't worry, I'm not turning my back on my one true love, Bones. But Vlad is just such a wonderful character that I couldn't leave him off this list!

Much slower, I turned around to see Vlad examining his fingernails, as if his hands weren't still ablaze in the flames that had blasted the ghoul's head off moments before. "What the hell was that?" I gasped. "Premature inflammation," He replied. "Happens sometimes. Very embarrassing, I don't like to talk about it."

Head Rush (Disillusionists Trilogy #3)
by Carolyn Crane

Shelby is not a sunshine and rainbows type of woman. She has a grim outlook on life, in fact that's her disillusionist specialty. But somehow, she becomes Justine's caring and loyal best friend. She balances 'scary ass Eastern European chick' with 'completely there for you when you need her' quite wonderfully.

  “People want view of beauty. Pfft. I say, do not give me lies.”


Justine is also from Head Rush, but I decided not to put her as one with Shelby because I loved her so much on her own. It could have been dangerous writing from the POV of a woman so lost in her own anxiety and hypochondria that she can't even read fashion magazine articles without breaking down. But instead, Justine has become one of my favorite heroines of 2011.

“You're right. I'm not the kind of woman to do something foolish out of defiance. I am, however, the kind of woman who would do something just to prove that you can't tell me what kind of woman I am.”

Shadowfever (Fever #5)
by Karen Marie Moning

I know Mac seems like kind of an obvious choice, but she changed and grew more than any other character in any other series I've ever read. And since I put her man Barrons on my favorite book boyfriends list, I figured she had earned her spot as one of my favorite book characters.

“Since the moment I laid eyes on Jericho Barrons, I wanted him. I wanted him to do things to me that pink and clueless MacKayla Lane was shocked and appalled and ... okay, yeah, well, utterly fascinated to find herself thinking about.”

Charley and Cookie
Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson #2)
by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson, private eye and grim reaper, has me giggling like a little girl throughout her books. She has a really good heart and some super sexy moments with Reyes, but her train of thought and the things that come out of her mouth are just so ridiculous! And her sidekick/secretary/best friend Cookie often plays the 'straight-man' to Charley's 'crazy'. 

“Make it quick," I said when I picked up. 
"Okay. Two men from the FBI are here." Cookie said. Quickly. 
Crap. "Men in black are at the office?" 
"Well, yes, but they're actually in more of a navy." 
Crapola. I so don't have time for men. In any color. "Okay, two questions. Do they look mad, and are they hot?" 
After a long, long, pause, Cookie said, "One, not really. Two, no comment at this time. And three, you're on speakerphone." 
After another long, long pause, I said, "Okie dokie then. Be there in a jiff.”

My Life As a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie #1)
by Diana Rowland

Angel has a lot on her plate........her dad's an alcoholic, she may have just overdosed on drugs, and oh yeah, she just became a brain-eating zombie. But she grows a lot throughout the story and I just love her!

"Then I couldn’t resist. I took a deep breath and yelled: “Zombie Super Powers, Activate!”

Archangel's Consort Guild Hunter #3)
by Nalini Singh

I love the blue-winged angel with his sexy little quips. I can't wait till he gets his own book.

He has a fascination with mortals. Raphael had said that to her before she'd woken with wings of midnight and dawn.
"Why are you starting at me, Ellie?" Illium said without taking his eyes from the blade dancing around his fingers. "You're so pretty, it's difficult to resist."
A flashing grin, a hint of that aristocratic English accent in his response. "It's hard to be me, it's true.

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