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Blog Tour - My Blood Runs Blue by Stacy Eaton


I’m still a cop, and my blood runs blue.”

Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. Although her job with the Fawn Hollow Township Police Department keeps her busy, she still feels like there is something else out there for her. She soon finds herself investigating a homicide where a young woman has had her throat ripped out. As she begins to dig for the answers, she finds herself thrown into a world she didn’t know ever existed. When the two strong and silent men walk into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive. Who are they and why do they keep calling her Calista? Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the two seductive men who have entered into her life and the real truth about herself.

My Blood Runs Blue is book one of the series. Blue Blood for Life... is the second book and was released on September 30, 2011.

My Blood Runs Blue is an adult Action/Romance Series and is intended for mature audiences.


Mr. Taylor’s nostrils flared and his mouth slacked open slightly as he looked into my eyes. “Dead, she’s dead?”

I stared at him, damn, did I forget to wipe the sign off my face that says, ‘hey man, sorry, but your daughter’s dead.’ How’d he know that? Had someone from the scene called him already?

I turned back to Mrs. Taylor and found her staring at her husband eyes wide, mouth open as if she would speak.

Wait, this was not going how it should. I cleared my head and looked back at them, Mr. Taylor had moved over to stand beside his wife and they were both looking at me now, waiting.

“Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, I am very sorry to say that your daughter Dawn is dead.” I HATED saying that sentence, but it was a sentence that was drilled into you from the moment you entered the academy. You do not say, I’m sorry your daughter was in an accident, or your daughter did not make it. Not in the first sentence. You can elaborate later, but that first sentence, has to be the one that they remember for the rest of their life. The one that tells them, this is not a sick joke, and they are not just going to wake up tomorrow and find her asleep in her bed. That sentence had to say it was real and it was final.

They both stared back me. I saw Mrs. Taylor’s lips move, and I could have sworn I heard her say, “he found us”, but I thought it was more in my imagination until I looked into Mr. Taylor’s steel grey eyes and saw them widen and look at me quickly to see if I had heard what she said. I managed to keep my face perfectly clear and thought I would mull over that statement later.

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Stacy Eaton was kind enough to answer some interview questions for Liz of CBLS Promotions!

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author?

Ironically – a year ago this month. I had never thought about being an author before, people joked that I should write down some of my stories, but I never took them seriously until the plot for my first book came to me. Then I sat down, starting writing and I just can’t stop. It is like a virus that runs rampant in my blood now and that’s a good thing!

On average, how long does it take you to write a book? 

My first book took me 9 weeks to write. It just flowed! The second one in the series took 11. It is a bit longer then the first one, but again it just flowed.

Where do you find writing inspiration? 

All of my stories come from thoughts and experiences I have had at work. I’m a police officer, so all my stories revolve around law enforcement in different ways. Incidents that I have responded to or witnessed are brought into my books, not in every detail but the pieces of them.

When did you write your first book and how old were you? 

Last October when I sat down to write my first book, I was 41. I am 42 now and loving my new writing career!

What do you think makes a good story? 

Personally, I want to see depth in a story. I want to see deep characters and deep plots. I want to be able to fall into the story and live in it. If an author can pull me into the story and give me the depth to make me feel like I am one of the characters or the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ than I think they wrote a great story.

I know from experience it is hard to pull readers in and even harder to keep them there. So keeping your characters interesting and bringing in twists and turns to the plots keeps readers wanting to turn the pages. I try to do that in my writing.

Does your family (and/or close friends) know that you write and are a published author of romance fiction? If so, are they supportive of your efforts? 

Yes, they do. My family has been incredible with support. From my husband who does more around the house to my daughter who actually tells her teachers and friends mom’s about them. My books all have romance in them, but not so much that they weigh the story down for male readers. I have quite a few male readers who also love my stories.

Is there another sub-genre aside from your primary sub-genre that you would like to write for and why?

The first two books I wrote are part of the My Blood Runs Blue series. Both of these books are Paranormal Romance with a suspenseful and mysterious plot. People have talked about them as Crime Novels too and they are correct since both these books are written in the law enforcement world and deal with investigations.

One of the other books I am working on is a contemporary romance, and three others are intense dramas with romance also on the edge.

Is there a main genre besides romance that you would like to write for?

I love writing about my job, so crime and action books will always be part of my future in writing. Authors always say to “write what you know, and know what you write”, and I think that is very true. I think that definitely makes me a better author and I hear it again and again in my reviews that my knowledge shines through in my written words.

Aside from romance, are there any other types of fiction/literature that you enjoy reading? 

I am a big fan of mysteries and crime novels. Books that contain drama and real life situations also capture my attention if they revolve around law enforcement.

How important is reader feedback, good or bad, to you?

I love feedback! I think that an author can only improve on themselves if the readers out there tell the authors what they loved or what they hated about the books. Many authors get disappointed or depressed about bad reviews, but in my honest opinion, I believe that those are some of the most important reviews!

Of course, I personally love the positive kind! Seeing what my readers thought was wonderful in my book humbles me. When a reader tells me that they got sucked in and couldn’t put the book down and now they can’t wait for the next one; I am in awe. Many times I can be found doing a dance in my office when I read that another reader loved my books. My daughter usually joins me for the dances too!

I have had a few readers who had some negative comments and I appreciate them. I take to heart what they say so that in my next book I can improve on my writing skills. I think all authors need to do this.

What do you like to do when you're not writing? 

If I am not looking through the world through my characters, I might be looking at the world through a viewfinder. I love photography! I have been doing photography since I was in high school and I used to have my own dark room. These days I don’t have as much time, and everything is digital, but I am never far from my camera.

I also love to read, and my kindle is always with me. I love to play games with my family and just chill out with friends enjoying a beer or a chocolate martini.

What advice, if any, do you have for aspiring authors? 

Accept the good with the bad. You don’t become a known author overnight. It takes time. It takes patience and it takes a thick skin. Learn to accept what people say good and bad about your stories. Use them to help you grow! Understand that what you write will never appeal to everyone, but eventually you will find your niche in the writing world and go after your dreams from there!  

About the Author: 

 Currently I work full time as a Police Officer for a small township is Southeastern Pennsylvania. While my current position is that of a patrol officer, I spend a lot of my time doing investigations and crime scene processing. Forensics is something I love and I take my job seriously.

I am also a wife to a Police Officer and with our constant schedules life can get very hectic in our home. I have been blessed with two children, a son who is currently in the United States Navy and I am very proud of him for what he is doing and for putting serving his Country. My daughter is a priceless princess who loves to help me market my books to teachers and other parents while she is at school and church.

When I am not working the job that currently pays all the bills I work on my business. Yes, I have my own business too.

I have two Shiloh Shepherd dogs, Garda and Callie. They are a bit different than the standard German Shepherds most people are use to. They are larger and less aggressive and they have more fur! Man do they have fur!!! Garda has a face that resembles a wolf, which makes me love him even more. (You can see by my photo that I wear a wolf pendant). Garda actually means "The Guardian" in Irish. It is also the name of the Irish Police. Rather fitting for our family of officers don't you think?

In my spare time...I write.

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