Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (3) - Shadow Heir

Waiting on Wednesday is a feature hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine that shares the upcoming releases we bloggers are on the edge of our seats about!

My pick this week is...

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4)

Shadow Heir
(Dark Swan #4)
by Richelle Mead
Release date: January 3, 2012

(Synopsis from Goodreads)
#1 New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead returns to the Otherworld, a mystic land inextricably linked to our own--and balanced precariously on one woman's desperate courage...

Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham strives to keep the mortal realm safe from trespassing entities. But as the Thorn Land's prophecy-haunted queen, there's no refuge for her when a mysterious blight begins to devastate the Otherworld...

The spell-driven source of the blight isn't the only challenge to Eugenie's instincts. Fairy king Dorian is sacrificing everything to help, but Eugenie can't trust the synergy drawing them back together. The uneasy truce between her and her shape shifter ex-lover Kiyo is endangered by secrets he can't--or won't--reveal. And as a formidable force rises to also threaten the human world, Eugenie must use her own cursed fate as a weapon--and risk the ultimate sacrifice...

Well, this will be it. The final book in the Dark Swan series. After all that happened in the second half of the most recent book I can hardly wait until January! This series has turned out to be one of my favorites, and it just makes me love Richelle Mead even more. I CANNOT wait to see how she ends this series (hopefully it has something to do with Kiyo falling off a cliff to a horrible death......) and more Dorian please and thank you!

Team Dorian!!!

What is YOUR WoW pick?


  1. I guess I would have to read Iron Crowned to be excited for this one LOL

    But I'm still excited too. It's funny I have to take a little break from each book in this series b/c the character make me emotionally insane LOL

    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  2. I haven't read Richelle Mead yet-- I can't imagine why. Another one to go on the TBR list. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh this looks good! Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. I love Richelle Mead. Such a great author. I only read her YA books, but I want to check out her adult series. Great choice for a WoW. Thanks for following, and commenting on ours. Love your blog :D!!

    Gaby @ The Story Seekers

  5. I loved the first couple of books in the series but I heard the third book was a bit of a disappointment. I've been putting off reading it just because of that. It sounds like you enjoyed it though, so I may need to move up the TBR pile.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Also, I just grabbed Wayfinder from netgalley this morning (yep, after I posted it). I think I'm going to give it a shot and read it without reading the first. :-)

  6. I haven't read this series, but I'm loving the Vampire Academy series, and might try this one when I'm done. Nice pick!

  7. Nice wow pick! I love Rochelle Mead;)

    Thanx for stoppping by Paranormal Wastelands today. Also for signing up for the Zompacolypse Hop. But you forgot to fill out the FORM. This is just so I have your info, and to help us keep everyone organized since we have some people doing the hop, others for guest posts, others for reviews, and some for all three. Here is the link to the form:

    After you do that I will also have your email so I can send you the hop badge!

    Look forward to seeing you there, and I LOVE your blog title and header...we kinda have a soft side for our weres;)

  8. Great pick! This looks really good!

    My WoW


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