Friday, February 8, 2013

Olde City New Blood Reading Challenge - Update!

Olde City New Blood Reading Challenge
Jenese over at Readers Confession hosted a reading challenge to read the featured authors attending Olde City New Blood, which is a reader/blogger/author convention for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance lovers. The con takes place in St. Augustine, Florida this weekend!!! 

My goal for this challenge was to read books by at least 15 of the authors.

Books from the Con authors that I read since starting this challenge on Oct. 4:
(Titles in *gold* link to my review)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Nancy Holzner

Karina Cooper

Delilah Dawson

Cynthia Eden
Angel of Darkness (The Fallen #1)

J.A. Sounders
Renegade (Elysium #1)

Soooooooo...let's not talk about how I sucked at this challenge. I blame review books and the holidays! The good news is that, in preparation for this challenge and this Con, I got a hold of several of the authors' books so I'll still be reading them after the Con is over. In fact, I'm sure meeting these authors will make me want to read their books even more!


  1. I failed this! You did better than me, I only read 4 books out of 9

  2. After attending my TBR list is now a mile long! A MILE.


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