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August Releases: Buy, Borrow or Beg?

Buy, Borrow or Beg is our monthly new release feature. Each of the co-bloggers is going to tell you which books they're most excited about and whether you should buy - the ones we preordered or plan to stand in line for, borrow - the ones we'll be stalking at the library, or beg - the ones we've gotten for free as review copies or prizes that you'll be begging us to tell you about. Let us know what you're eagerly awaiting this month in the comments.


Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
When forced to name my favorite series, I usually say Kate Daniels because it's the one I've re-read the most. It's definitely an auto-buy. I don't even remember the plot of Magic Shifts, but you can bet I'll be reading it on release day.

Dark Ascension (Generation V #4) by M.L. Brennan
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
Generation V is one of my newer favorites so I haven't re-read it yet, but I'm sure I will some time soon. Fort Scott is probably the most relatable vampire hero ever and Suzume is one of all-time favorite characters. For more on how much I love this series, check out my Read This Book post.


Kitty Saves the World (Kitty Norville #14) by Carrie Vaughn
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
It's the series finale and Kitty and her friends are finally going to challenge the millennia old vampire who's trying to take over the world. I've really enjoyed this series, though the last two books have been a little lackluster for me. I'm rooting for the werewolf named Kitty to go out on a high note!

Alice by Christina Henry
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
Another fairy tale retelling, but this is a dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland that starts with her escape from a mental institution. Watch for my review coming soon.


The Veil (Devil's Isle #1) by Chloe Neill
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
New Orleans, and much of the South, was ravaged by a war with magical creatures. Once they drove them back, the government banned all magic and confined all magic-users, human and supernatural to Devil's Isle. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Neill does in this dystopian/UF hybrid series.

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls #3) by Kristen Painter
Releases August 1 Goodreads Amazon
I'm loving this series set in a town where it's Halloween every day. They're perfect light summer reads. In this one, the hero and heroine actually leave Nocturne Falls and travel to the Faery realm. I loved learning about the world's Fae.


One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers #2) by Rachel Aaron
Releases August 1 Goodreads Amazon
I absolutely adored Rachel Aaron's Nice Dragons Finish Last! I'm so excited that we're finally getting the sequel! I can't wait to see what kinds of trouble Julius and Marci get into in this book!

Dark Ascension (Generation V #4) by M.L. Brennan
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
Generation V is quickly becoming one of my favorite vampire series! I absolutely love Fort! I still need to read the last book so I'm planning on marathoning them both shortly after Dark Ascension is in my hands!

Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
Guys! I need this book in my life! After the events in the last book, I have absolutely no clue where this series is going but I'm dying to find out! Anything Ilona Andrews writes will definitely be an auto-buy for me. I have no clue what Magic Shifts is about, but you can bet I'll be reading it as soon as it hits my kindle on release day.


Court of Fives (Court of Fives #1) by Kate Elliott
Releases August 18 Goodreads Amazon
I've been a huge fan of Elliott's Spiritwalkers Trilogy for a long time now so when I heard she was writing a YA book I knew I had to get my hands on it! I tried so hard to get an ARC of this one but alas, it did not work out. I need the 18th to get here quickly so I can have this book in my hands!

Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell
Releases August 25 Goodreads Amazon
This is not a drill! We're getting a steampunk Cinderella retelling! In this one, our Cinderella is an inventor who has been forced into servitude by her stepsisters. All she wants is to have a new life. With the help of her miniature mechanical horse, it looks like her chance is coming up with an upcoming tech expo and royal ball. I can't wait to get my hands on this! I'm the third one on the hold list for this at my library. Fingers crossed that it's as amazing as it sounds!

Wish Bound (Grimm Agency #3) by J. C. Nelson
Releases August 25 Goodreads Amazon
I've only read the first book in this series but I loved it! It had unique characters and an awesome storyline. I can't wait to get caught up so I can read this one too!


The Veil (Devil's Isle #1) by Chloe Neill
Releases August 4 Goodreads Amazon
I have a soft spot for books set in and around New Orleans. Add in the fact that it's a Chloe Neill book and I had to read this book. I loved this start to a new urban fantasy series where most of the South as been ravaged by a war with paranormals and magic. We won the war. Barely. Now any one who is sensitive magic, para and human alike, have been confined to a concentration camp/prison called Devil's Isle. I've actually already read this and it's a great start to a new series. Watch out for Gretl's and my joint review tomorrow!

Zero World by Jason M. Hough
Releases August 18 Goodreads Amazon
I'm a huge fan of Hough's Dire Earth Cycle! So when I heard he had a new book coming out, I knew it would be an auto-buy. I'm actually not really sure what it's about but I been hearing amazing things about it! And one of my favorite authors blurbed it and I'm intrigued by the gushing he did on Twitter. I can't wait to read my ARC soon!

Blogoversary Post and Giveaway: Gretl

Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we are celebrating our 

In honor of the four wonderful years this blog has had, we are having authors share with you what they were doing four years ago at this time and what they hope to be doing four years from now. Of course, we thought we should share our own answers with you guys too! Each post, including the ones from us, will include a giveaway, so be sure to check back every day until August 7!
Today's Post Comes From:
You might have noticed that it's the fourth anniversary of Goldilox and the Three Weres. But it's also the one year anniversary of Rose Red and I joining the blog. My first review appeared on July 24, 2014. So we're both particularly excited about this Blogoversary. Here's a little bit about how I got here.

Four Years Ago
Well, actually I'm going to go back a little further. For most of 2010, I was unemployed. Looking for a job is a really tedious process now that everything is done online. There's lots of "hurry up and wait" and lots of uncertainty about whether a real live person ever actually saw your resume. But one of the good things that came out of that experience was that I started reading to fill all that free time.

By 2011, when I was working again, I was definitely an Urban Fantasy Addict. And it was a great time to be discovering the genre. So many of my all-time favorite series debuted that year. Kate Daniels, Chicagoland Vampires, Iron Druid, Charley Davidson and Shaede Assassin just to name a few that are still going. It was also some time that year that I started reading book blogs on a daily basis. Because how else was I going to find my next fix? One of the first blogs I started to follow was Goldilox and the Three Weres. And just look how that turned out!

Four Years From Now
I hope sometime in the next four years I actually get the hang of this blogging thing. I'd like to achieve a better blog/life balance. I feel like I'm either slammed or I have nothing to write about. I mean really, publishers, do you have to release ALL THE BOOKS on the same day every month? But I predict that in that time, self-publishing will make significant changes in the book world. I'm already seeing books released on Saturdays, and why not if that's when most people buy them?

I think a lot of the words we use to define our books and ourselves may change as well. I can't tell you how crazy it makes me when people mis-label my UF as romance. (Not that there's anything wrong with romance.) But I'm also seeing the term Urban Fantasy-Romance and I think we can expect to see a lot more genre-blending in the future. There's a fandom out there for just about every crazy combination. Though I certainly hope some of my old favorites are still going strong in four years as well.

In honor of my first literary love, VAMPIRES, I'm giving away books from one of our favorites series. I've got hardcovers of Richelle Mead's Silver Shadows (signed) and The Ruby Circle, as well as the Vampire Academy movie, and some other vampire-themed goodies. (This giveaway is U.S. and Canada only.)

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Blogoversary Post and Giveaway: Rose Red

Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we are celebrating our 

In honor of the four wonderful years this blog has had, we are having authors share with you what they were doing four years ago at this time and what they hope to be doing four years from now. Of course, we thought we should share our own answers with you guys too! Each post, including the ones from us, will include a giveaway, so be sure to check back every day until August 7!

Today's Post Comes From:
Rose Red

You might have noticed that it's the fourth anniversary of Goldilox and the Three Weres. But it's also the one year anniversary of when Gretl and I joined the blog. So we're both particularly excited about this Blogoversary. Here's a little bit about how I got here.

Four Years Ago
Four years ago, I had just finished the first year of my Master's degree. Wow! That really doesn't seem that long ago! I'm a scientist so grad school was not easy. In fact, at that point, I hadn't figured out the whole work-life balance thing yet and I was miserable for the most part. I hadn't gotten the hang of living in a big city like Baltimore yet and I was studying and doing research for about fifteen hours each day. I didn't have time to read and it was really making me depressed. The only book I had really finished that year was The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and it took me months to read.

I don't want this post to be depressing so lets just say that I finally got things figured out. That fall, I stumbled across several book blogs (one was Goldilox and the Three Weres! Small world, right?) that introduced me to the wonderful world of paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. I was hooked and it didn't take long at all for urban fantasy to become my favorite genre! I couldn't read books fast enough! I binge read all of the available books in Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series and Donna Grant's Dark Sword series. In all honestly, reading those books helped me stay sane while I was writing my thesis and applying for PhD programs.

Four Years From Now
Four years from now, I'm looking forward to being done with my PhD and having a grown-up job. Maybe I'll have more of that elusive thing called free time to read all the books! When I think about the books that are going to be coming out in the next four years, I get super excited and a little sad. In the next few years, I'm going to see some of my favorite series end. I'm looking at you, Chicagoland Vampires and Iron Druid Chronicles. But then again, I get bounce-off-the walls excited for the next Mercy Thompson, Alpha & Omega, Kate Daniels, Mistborn, Psy-Changeling, and The Others books. Guys! There's so many good books coming out in the next few years! I can't wait to get my hands on them all!

In honor of our blogoversary and the anniversary of me discovering urban fantasy and paranormal romance, I'm going to be giving away the first book in a few of my favorite series. Which ones you ask?

I'll be giving away the three following books: Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews, Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh, and Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant. (Winner must have a mailing address in the US. Sorry! I can't afford to ship outside the US!)

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Goldilox's Greatest Hits Volume 7

Goldlox's Greatest Hits is our new monthly wrap up feature. We'll recap our favorite books we've read this month and show you some of our favorite posts that you might have missed, as well as what's coming up next on Goldilox and the Three Weres.

Greatest Hits

Check out our highest rated reviews in July:

Goldilox judged the finals for the NERFA award in Paranormal and Futuristic Romance. Here's her 4.5 star review of the winner, Kate Corcino's Sparks Rising.

Goldilox also gave Shades of Treason by Sandy Williams 5 stars.
Rose Red loved Silver Borne and River Marked by Patricia Briggs.
She also gave 5 stars to Magic Slays and Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews.

Gretl gave 4.5 stars to J.R. Ward's new release The Bourbon Kings.


In Read This F-ing Book we talked about one of our all-time favorite series, Cassie Palmer.

And we're looking for Science Fiction recommendations in our new monthly feature Which F-ing Book Should I Read?

Look What I Found!

Reyes Farrow from Darynda Jones's Charley Davidson series recently became active on Twitter after a long hiatus. I suspect he's about to start promoting his new novella Brighter Than the Sun, which is out in October. And it got me thinking about which characters I was following and how many of them had stopped tweeting.

Here are a few more that are currently active (and I think they're all author approved) that you might want to check out.

Archdruid Owen and Oberon from the Iron Druid series have hilarious prank wars, which they then tweet about.

Ethan Sullivan occasionally tweets on the official Cadogan House account. He recently congratulated the Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup win.

Coming Soon

Goldilox and the Three Weres turns 4 today! You might have noticed we started our Blogoversary event earlier this week. We have one more week of fun stuff coming up!

Week one's Blogoversary giveaways are open until August 8:
  • 2 books of your choice from one of Goldilox's favorite series
  • Signed copy of Cold Burn of Magic from Jennifer Estep
  • Shadows at Midnight digital ARCs from Amanda Bonilla
  • Digital copies of An American Werewilf in Hoboken, What's New Pussycat, Gotta Have Faith and Accidentally Aphrodite from Dakota Cassidy
  • Signed copy of Owl and the Japanese Circus from Kristi Charish

Blogoversary Post and Giveaway: Kristi Charish Four Years Ago

Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we are celebrating our 

In honor of the four wonderful years this blog has had, we are having authors share with you all what they were doing four years ago at this time and what they hope to be doing four years from now. Each post will include a giveaway, so be sure to check back every day until August 7!
Today's Post Comes From:
Kristi Charish
 Where was I 4 years ago?

Well, I couldn’t tell you exactly where I was in August 2011, but I do know I’d been writing fiction for a year and a half. One year and a half since deciding while writing up my PhD thesis that I wanted to try my hand at fiction. A year and a half of trial and error and testing my abilities. I’d managed to put a speculative fiction night class at Vancouver Community College and a workshop at the Vancouver Public Library with Spider Robinson under my belt, and had even found a local writing group to share work with on Sunday afternoons over a beer.

I had yet to sell any of my writing- short story or otherwise - but after that year and a half of writing, putting in at least an hour every night, I had a better idea where my strengths and weaknesses lay. I’d also begun to develop my own esthetic tastes. I’d discarded one sci-fi novel, begun a fantasy novel and had yet to try my hands at urban fantasy. I wouldn’t give urban fantasy a shot until the following summer of 2012 at David Farland’s writer’s workshop in Utah where I began Owl and the Japanese Circus (oddly enough I was there to work on my fantasy I’d begun the summer before… the one that got side tracked as I wrote OWL and THE VOODOO KILLINGS…the one I’m currently trying to fix up now…).

It wouldn’t be until the following summer, 2013, when I’d sign with my agent and OWL would sell, and then again the following winter, 2014, when THE VOODOO KILLINGS would sell to Random House Canada.

That’s an awful lot to cram into four years…

Where will I be four years from now? Well, first and foremost I really hope I’m not still messing around on and off with this fantasy…

 Joking aside, predicting the future was never my strong suit. If someone had of told me when I started my undergraduate degree at SFU in the Anthropology and Archaeology program that three years later I’d have transferred to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and be working in a genetics lab, I’d have laughed. Likewise when I began my PhD work. If someone had of told me that almost ten years later I’d be a full time writer, I would have met it with bemused skepticism. I was a research scientist after all! I didn’t know the first thing about writing a book.

In my experience, it’s the things you don’t see that show up on your horizons.

Where would I like to be? Optimistically still writing and turning out books that entertain…at the very least I’ll hope for a few more OWL novels.

About the Author

Kristi is the author of OWL AND THE JAPANESE CIRCUS (Simon and Schuster Canada/Pocket Books), an urban fantasy about a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world. She writes what she loves; adventure heavy stories featuring strong, savvy female protagonists, pop culture, and the occasional RPG fantasy game thrown in the mix. The second installment in the Owl series, OWL AND THE CITY OF ANGELS, is scheduled for release Oct 5th 2015. THE VOODOO KILLINGS, book 1 in her second urban fantasy series, KINCAID STRANGE (Random House Canada), about a voodoo practitioner living in Seattle, is scheduled for release mid 2016.

Kristi is also a co-host for the popular Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast and also has a PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia. She is represented by Carolyn Forde at Westwood Creative Artists.

Twitter: @kristicharish
AISFP Podcast:

Kristi Charish is giving one winner a choice of a signed copy of OWL AND THE JAPANESE CIRCUS or an ARC of OWL AND THE CITY OF ANGELS. (Winner must have a mailing address in the U.S. or Canada.)

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Click on the covers to add to Goodreads. And for more on Owl, check out our Q&A with Kristi and our review of Owl and the Japanese Circus. and the City of Angels  (Adventures of Owl, #2)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review: Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Magic Breaks
(Kate Daniels #7)
Ilona Andrews
Release: July 29, 2014
Goodreads Amazon
No matter how much the paranormal politics of Atlanta change, one thing always remains the same: if there’s trouble, Kate Daniels will be in the middle of it…

As the mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary Kate Daniels has more responsibilities than it seems possible to juggle. Not only is she still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat, she must now deal with the affairs of the pack, including preparing her people for attack from Roland, a cruel ancient being with god-like powers. Since Kate’s connection to Roland has come out into the open, no one is safe—especially those closest to Kate.

As Roland’s long shadow looms ever nearer, Kate is called to attend the Conclave, a gathering of the leaders from the various supernatural factions in Atlanta. When one of the Masters of the Dead is found murdered there, apparently at the hands of a shapeshifter, Kate is given only twenty-four hours to hunt down the killer. And this time, if she fails, she’ll find herself embroiled in a war which could destroy everything she holds dear…


I’m going to try my best to write this review with a minimum amount of gushing, but it will be hard. I absolutely loved this book! It was just every single thing I love about urban fantasy. Action packed with magic and magical creatures. It was funny, sad, and filled with romance. I didn't expect it to be the roller coaster of emotions that it was. I am going to attempt not to gush, but guys, it’s going to be hard.

Kate Daniels is an investigator by day, consort to the Beast Lord by night and magic user extraordinaire at every other available moment, at least she’s trying to be. Her merc status is in jeopardy as her company Cutting Edge is struggling, the pack is always in constant drama and her magic doesn’t seem to be progressing as quickly as she would like. Add to that the knowledge that her father undoubtedly knows of her existence and you have one stressed out Beast Lady.

Magic Breaks begins very much business as usual. Kate is on yet another ridiculous mission, and the pack has yet another problem that needs Curran’s attention. You don't get too far in to the book before everything goes to hell. I would probably call this one of the most action-packed books in the entire series. It just doesn’t stop or slow down. Our heroes are in constant danger and battle. They face impossible odds and still somehow keep swinging. I was on the edge of my seat the whole book. I needed to know what happened to everyone!

One of the things that this novel does beautifully is that it remind us about just how far Kate has come on her journey. Not, just magically or in her relationships, but also emotionally. Kate has fought for her life, killed, sacrificed, loved, and lost. She is not the same character we met in Magic Bites. She is braver, stronger, more skilled, and she has a lot more to lose. There's a lot of flashbacks/reminiscing in this book. We're reminded about how and why she met Curran, her merc past with Jim, and even easier days with Derek. These flashbacks/memories are important to Kate as a character and they make the way that she needs Curran even more beautiful in my eyes.

I love Kate and Curran’s relationship. Sure, all the getting together, cook for me in your underwear stuff was hilarious and fun, but as a couple they have a certain kind of magic. Kate and Curran are some of my favorite characters of all time! I absolutely love them together! I love that they understand that there the other has to resort to violence and they don't judge each other because of it. I love that they don’t shy from a fight and that they don’t back down. I love that they both know that the other would tear the world apart in search of them. I love their unwavering faith and loyalty to each other that they have in this installment. It was hard won and even harder fought, but they have reached a place of absolute trust that is startlingly beautiful. I also love that no matter how badass Kate is, she still needs Curran. That need is a strength not a weakness. And just as importantly, Curran needs her too.

In this book, we get to see magic work in new and wondrous ways and we get to really glimpse into the magical world outside of the norm and outside Atlanta. Basically, we get to see the world Kate has been preparing to face. She has been training her entire life in order to kill her father. The question has always been…is she powerful enough to defeat him? Well, I'm not going to tell you. You need to read the book.

I did not see anything in this book coming. Ilona Andrews blew the Kate Daniels world as we know it wide open. I have no idea what the ramifications the ending of this book will have on the series. Heck! I don't even have a clue about what will happen in the next book. A year and a reread later and I'm still blown away by this book. It is the perfect example of why I love urban fantasy. I need the next book and I need it now!


Blogoversary Giveaway: Win Four Fun, Fabulous PNRs from Dakota Cassidy!

Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we are celebrating our 

In honor of four wonderful years, we've got two weeks of author guest posts and giveaways! Be sure to check back every day until August 7.
Today's Giveaway Comes From:
Dakota Cassidy
Dakota Cassidy couldn't make it to our Blogoversary party but because she's awesome, she still sent a gift.
We've got digital copies of the Wolf Mates series (that's An American Werewolf in Hoboken, What's New Pussycat, and Gotta Have Faith) as well as Accidentally Aphrodite for one lucky winner!

An American Werewolf in HobokenGotta Have Faith (Wolf Mates series Book 3)What's New, Pussycat? (Wolf Mates, #2)

Accidentally Aphrodite (Accidentals, #10)

(Click on the covers to add these books to Goodreads.)

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Dakota Cassidy lives for a good laugh in life and in her writing. In fact, she almost loves a good giggle as much as she loves hair products and that's saying something.
Her goals in life are simple, (like really simple): banish the color yellow forever, create world peace via hot rollers and Aqua Net; and finally, nab every tiara in the land by competing in the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss World pageants, then sweeping them in a stunning trifecta of much duct tape and Vaseline usage, all in just under one week. Oh, and write really fun books!
Dakota lives in Oregon with her dogs  and has a husband who puts the heroes in her books to shame.
Enter to win four fun, fabulous PNRs! This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

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For more on Dakota's latest release, Accidentally Aphrodite, check out my review.


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Blogoversary Post and Giveaway: Amanda Bonilla Four Years Ago

Here at Goldilox and the Three Weres we are celebrating our 

In honor of the four wonderful years this blog has had, we are having authors share with you all what they were doing four years ago at this time and what they hope to be doing four years from now. Each post will include a giveaway, so be sure to check back every day through August 7!
Today's Post Comes From:
Amanda Bonilla

Four Years…

Thanks so much to everyone at Goldilox and the Three Weres for asking me to be a part of the blogiversary celebration!

Four years might not seem like very long, but in some ways, it’s felt like much longer than that. I mentioned to my agent the other day that publishing years are like dog years: for every year I’ve been in publishing, it feels like seven. Four years ago, my son was starting high school as a freshman. I was a debut author launching a new series. I dove into social networking head first and met so many amazing readers, bloggers, and writers. I envisioned my future writing the Shaede Assassin series and nothing else. My entire universe centered around Darian. She was the realization of a life-long dream.

A year and a half passed and those grand plans changed. I had to adapt which was fine because I’m nothing if not flexible. LOL! I thought that the shift away from urban fantasy and the changing the climate in the industry would shut down my career prospects before they even got started. I was wrong. I’ve written about Shaedes, U.S. Marshals, and billionaires, shifters and vampires over the past four years and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve met even more awesome bloggers, readers, writers, and editors. In retrospect, I’m glad that a year feels like seven in the book industry because I feel as though I’ve been able to enjoy this ride seven times as much!

Today, my sweet freshman is about to leave for pre-season camp as a college soccer player! He towers over me and I worry about who’s going to heft the 50lb bag of dog food out of the car when he’s gone. Today, I have three series out in the world and several novellas. And as I look toward the next four years, I don’t plan on slowing down. I’m an empty nester which means, more time for me! I’m going to enjoy the next four years in a way I didn’t get an opportunity to as a (very) young mom. I’m going to write and write and write until my fingers cramp! I’m going to write more about Shaedes, and U.S. Marshals. Billionaires, shifters, and vampires. I’m going to write a new series this year and who knows, maybe this is the one I’ll still be writing four years down the line. Either way, I’ve decided to roll with the punches. Whatever the next four years brings, I’m ready for it! And I plan to enjoy it!

What were you doing four years ago? Where do you see the next four years taking you?

About the Author

Amanda Bonilla lives in rural Idaho with her husband and two kids. She’s a part-time pet wrangler, a full-time sun worshipper, and only goes out into the cold when coerced. She loves the outdoors, black clothes, pink appliances and thinks junk food should be a recognized food group. In the summer, she can be found sitting by the lake, enjoying the view from her dock.


Amanda Bonilla is giving away two digital ARCs of Shadows at Midnight (Shaede Assassin #5.) It's not even out until September 24, so you'll get it before anyone else! And this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

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Click on the cover to add Shadows at Midnight to Goodreads.

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