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Review: Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger


Crazy Cupid Love
(Let's Get Mythical #1)
Amanda Heger
Release: January 29, 2019
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ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley
Eliza Herman has spent years avoiding her calling as a Descendant of Eros. After all, happily-ever-afters are a myth. But when a family crisis requires her to fill in at her family's Cupid-for-hire shop, Eliza finds herself enchanting couples under the watchful eye of her mentor, Jake Sanders.

After Eliza accidentally enchants Jake instead, they set rules to keep his arrow-struck desire at bay. But some rules are meant to be broken, and before long Eliza is rethinking her stance on true love...until they discover a conspiracy that could destroy thousands of relationships--including their own.

Crazy Cupid Love is kind of an odd book. Seriously, my first thought when I finished it was, "That was odd." But I don't mean that in a bad way, just that it's hard to categorize. The cover blurb mentions Percy Jackson, which is not the right vibe at all. Really the only similarity is that they both involve mythology.

Amanda Heger has a unique take on how the gods might play a role in the modern world. Today's Cupids, like Eliza and her family, are descended from Eros and inherit some of his powers. They are out to public and often run matchmaking businesses. (There's some commentary there on online dating and the commodification of love, but I feel like it gets muddled.)

Descendants of the other gods are not out and many of them look down on the Cupids. But they have a whole secret Descendant community that’s quite fascinating. We meet nymphs, furies, satyrs and a few others over the course of the story. I hope that the next book in the series will feature one of these other groups so we can learn more about them.

Often this book is just over-the-top silly. Eliza's lack of coordination leads to lots of slapstick humor and there's a lifesize sex robot called a Mandroid. Wait til you see its gaming features! All that silliness might overshadow the fact that there’s a sweet friends to lovers story with a charming beta hero. There’s even a mystery to solve, though it doesn’t show up until the last third of the book.

I enjoyed Crazy Cupid Love though I think it’s something you have to be in the mood for. If an adult rom com with a supernatural twist is what you’re craving, give it a shot.

Recommended for fans of: mythology, rom coms, friends to lovers romances

3 1/2  stars

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