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Superheroes Week Review: Even Villains Play the Hero by Liana Brooks

We had so much fun with the Superhero week we put together recently that we decided to do it again. (Plus, we still have a lot of superhero reads in our TBR piles.) All this week we're bringing you more super-themed reviews and features.

Even Villains Play the Hero
(Heroes and Villains #1-3)
Liana Brooks
Release: August 3, 2015
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We all have our favorite superhero stories – now it's the villains' turn to talk.

Zephyr Girl broke into Dr. Charm's lab looking for the affair of the century; she found happily ever after instead. But now, seven years later, Tabitha walks away with no warning, and Evan faces the ultimate decision: world domination, or the woman he loves? With their four loveable daughters, Evan sets out to rescue his wife—and his marriage—proving that Even Villains Fall In Love.

Hunted by The Company as a rogue hero, Angela, eldest of the quads, heads to California—because Even Villains Go To The Movies. When a gang of super-powered jewel thieves hit town, Angela must choose between lying low or helping a superhero who's too hot for his own good—in more ways than one.

In Even Villains Have Interns, Angela's sister Delilah hears rumors of big-game hunters in town and a mysterious drug that everyone—including The Company—is after. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. The only thing that might be difficult is doing it all without falling in love...

Review by Rose Red:

Have you ever been sitting in a superhero movie and thought to yourself that it would be better if it had more romance? Well, I have the book for you! Even Villains Play The Hero is a collection of three books that revolve around superheroes and villains falling in love. Sometimes it's one or the other and sometimes, as in the case for the first book in this bindup, it's the villain falling for the superhero.

This collection is everything I've ever wanted in a superhero romance! It's witty, funny, and full of action and memorable moments. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time reading each book. Since this book is an omnibus of a series, I'm going to take more of a Read This F@!%ing Book approach to tell you why you need to read this awesome collection.

The First Book Is A Romance Between A Couple Who Are Already Married
I adore romance in all of it's forms but romance tends to skew towards couples who had been single before getting together. Don't get me wrong. I love those kind of romances but it is so refreshing to read a romance where the couple is already married with kids. It changes the dynamic so much! I loved it! Dr. Charm is a super villain who must make the most difficult choice: world domination or the woman he loves. Especially when that woman is the superhero, Zephyr Girl. 

Being a married couple isn’t easy and I loved how the book explored this. I also adored how it looked at what happens when your significant other decides to go back to work and leaves you home with the kids. This is a hard thing normally but it's even harder when all of your kids are showing signs of having superpowers.

The First Book Is Amazing! The Sequels Are Better!
I was a bit hesitant to pick up the second book in this series because I didn't know how it would top the first one. I had high expectations going in and they were met! The sequels were just as fun and action-packed as the first book even though they are set several years later. 

In each book, we follow one of Dr. Charm and Zephyr Girl's now grown up daughters. The romances were swoony and it was fascinating seeing how superpowers play into how a relationship develops! It was also refreshing to read from the perspective of someone who doesn't have conventional superpowers. I loved each sequel but the third book is my favorite! Delilah is just awesome!

Also, each book has minions and they are one of the best parts of each book! They're not the little yellow kind that we're all familiar with from Despicable Me. Don't get me wrong. They're short and most are oddly shaped but each one is programed to do a specific thing. Plus, they range in color from red and fluffy to black-and-purple polka-dotted. Head Minion Hert is my favorite in all of his warty glory! Seriously. I need more of these minions in my life.

Did I Mention These Books Are Super Witty and Hilarious?
Guys! The wit and the banter is everything! Seriously! The one-liners are strong in this series! I found myself literally laughing out loud multiple times while reading. My favorite maybe the flirting that involves exchanging Shakespearean insults. My inner book nerd was so happy with the sly literature references! One thing I adored in the sequels were the notes and letters home written by the heroine at the first of each chapter. They were absolutely delightful!

Let me give you an example of the exceptional dialogue found in this series:
"I want you to get out of the house. You need friends."

 "I have friends."

"Minions don't count."

"If I can watch movies with them, they count."

It's Not Just About The Romance.
These books are not just about the romance. Although, that part of each story is delightful! They're a cohesive look at a family whose members are growing and developing and coming into their own. This one just happens to be composed of both heroes and villains. Each character has their own unique attributes and powers and they each bring a lot into the story. I love that it's a story about family. I still get a kick out of Dr. Charm and his morally gray ethics. He is kind of the center of the series and you can't help but love him despite his questionable morality that is only kept in check by the fear of his actions upsetting his wife.

The romances are cute! The flirting is top-notch! The family dynamic is amazing! This series is a light, fun read perfect for the summer months! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we'll get books for the rest of the family. I need more of them continuing to confound the Company!

If you're looking for a delightful and fun superhero romance, look no further and go get your hands on this series!

  4 / 5 Stars!


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