Friday, November 2, 2018

We Love Lists: Five Spooky Manga to Read Around Halloween

Halloween has come and gone but we can still read stuff with those creepy Halloween vibes! I love picking up specific books that just give off creepy and monster mashy vibes all year round but I especially love reading them around Halloween. I've talked several times about some of my favorite Halloween reads but I haven't talked about my favorite Halloween manga. There’s nothing like reading some great manga to help get you in the spirit and excitement for the season! So let's talk about some of my series!

1. Vassalord
Vassalord is one of my favorite manga series of all time! It's also perfect for Halloween! There's vampires, cyborgs, devils, murder, wonderful queer relationships, and intriguing conflicts against a host of enemies. I love Rayflo and Charlie and their band of misfits they collect over the course of the manga. The sad thing is that only the first four volumes were translated into English. The last three were translated into German though and I had a good friend who did a rough translation for me so I could finish the series. I live in eternal hope that we'll get the last three volumes in English someday.

2. Tokyo Ghoul
Out of all the manga on this list, Tokyo Ghoul is the manga with the most horror in it. It's set in a world where ghouls stalk Tokyo. College student, Ken Kaneki, gets in an accident and gets ghoul organs transplanted into his body instead of human ones and becomes half-ghoul. This manga perfectly marries vampire and zombie tropes and is the most horror-filled manga I've ever read. I will say that if you don't do much horror, this isn't the series to start with. It gets stomach-turning in parts.

3. Hellsing
Hellsing has all the greatest elements of a Halloween monster manga: vampires, the undead, a corrupt church, and plenty of blood. What I like about it is it’s scary without being terrifying. It's more of a thriller with lots of intense action and violence rather than a haunting story that messes with your mind. Hellsing also has the benefit of having a great anime you can watch after you read it! The story is really good and full of intriguing characters. It's an oldie but a goodie!

4. Blue Exorcist
This series has a very Harry Potterish vibe except instead of going to a magic school the students got to school to learn how to exorcise demons. One of those students happens to be the son of Satan. This series is so great! Plus, it has one of the best sibling relationships I've ever read. It's also has super fun secondary characters.

5. Delicious in Dungeon
This series isn't a horror series but it's kind of a monster mash meets Dungeon and Dragons meets Chopped. I never would have thought I'd be loving a manga about a party of adventurers who head into a dungeon to save a friend but run out of food and money so they decide to EAT THE MONSTERS! It's a really odd mix of adventure and... cooking. And it's wonderful! I can't recommend it enough! Plus, the monsters make it a great Halloween read.

Do you have any manga series that you like to read around Halloween?


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