Friday, September 8, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Classes Based on Books at Three Weres University

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. Bloggers, booktubers and bookstagrammers post on a common topic every (you guessed it) Wednesday. You can find the lists by searching #T5W or Top 5 Wednesday. And you can join the group on Goodreads if you want to participate.

This week's topic is: 
Classes Based on Books/Characters 

It's back to school season, so let's discuss some classes we'd like to take either based on books or based on characters' skills. Of course Defense Against the Dark Arts is at the top of our lists, but here are some of the less obvious selections from the course catalog at Three Weres University.

5. Science:
Botany 201 - All About Potatoes with Prof. Watney
Mark Watney from The Martian teaches how to grow your own food in less than ideal conditions.

Engineering 302 - Cybernetics Repair with Prof. Cinder
Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles teaches how to keep your cyborg from developing an Achilles heel.

4. Psychology:
Psych 104: Interpreting Visions with Prof. Corbyn
Blood prophet Meg Corbyn from Ann Bishop's The Others series teaches how to interpret visions, dreams and prophesies.

3. History:
Archaeology 108: Artifact Authentication and Acquisition with Prof. Hiboux
Alex Hiboux a.k.a. Owl from Kristi Charish's Adventures of Owl series shares her knowledge of ancient civilizations and how to liberate their treasures.

Military History 304: Battle Magic with Profs. Pritkin and Rogan
Pritkin from the Cassie Palmer series by Karen Chance and Mad Rogan from Ilona Andrews's Hidden Legacy series explore history and tactics in magical warfare. OK, so this might be the Urban Fantasy version of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

2. Culinary Arts:
Cooking 107: Cooking with Gin with Prof. Blanco
Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series shares her favorite Southern comfort food recipes.

1. Literature:
Classics 203: Fantastic Beasts and How to Kill Them with Prof. Daniels
Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels series explores creatures of myth and legend, including which ones you might encounter IRL.


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