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Review: Wilde Card by Jenn Stark

Wilde Card
(Immortal Vegas #2)
Jenn Stark
Release: November 17, 2015
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All that glitters may not be gold.

When an antique gold show comes to Vegas, Tarot reading artifact-hunter Sara Wilde's job is simple: to locate and liberate a set of relics rumored to give their bearers access to an ancient, incredible power. Yet within the Connected community, whispers of a war against magic draw every psychic, mystic, warlock, and witch to Sin City. The most powerful Connected covet the infamous relics, but no one wants them more than Sara's client--the insufferably arrogant, criminally sensual, and endlessly evasive Magician.

And what the Magician wants...

Sara's heist takes a turn for the trickier as the smoky-eyed specter from her past, Detective Brody Rooks, is assigned to investigate a break-in at the gold show, forcing her to confront the one man in Vegas she can't bluff. Even worse, just as she finally gets her hands on the goods, the game twists anew. The resulting chase leads her across the world to an ancient Egyptian temple filled with secrets, deception... and hints about her own abilities that could change everything. Desperate for answers, Sara is forced to turn to the one person she knows will manipulate, obfuscate and beguile to get whatever he craves. Only now, it seems, the Magician wants her.

Sometimes, when the deck is stacked against you... you've got to play the Wilde Card.

Review by Rose Red:

Wow! This book was a trip. May I dare say... a wild ride. Sorry. I'm done with the puns now. Wilde Card was an excellent addition to an already great series. It's seriously non-stop action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this book, Sara is tasked with obtaining a set of scrolls that will be featured at an upcoming antiquities gala. The scrolls are thought to contain unimaginable power, and will certainly help with the fight against SANCTUS. Sara just has to get them without alerting her old crush, Detective Brody Rooks, who just happens to be watching Sara’s every move. While Sara is trying to pull off this job for the Council, more and more of the Connected are being drawn to Vegas. Nothing like providing SANCTUS with an even bigger and more tempting target than it already had, right?

I will say that I liked all the action but I wish there had been some more backstory for the characters. I'm still not sure as to why Sara is so hung up on Detective Brody. I would like to know more of their history. Just like I still want to know more about The Magician. Things are heading perilously towards love triangle territory but also not at the same time. Brody and Sara have a history but I feel like the chemistry between Sara and Armaeus is not something to discount. Overall, Sara is just confused when it comes to the whole romance side of things. But her confusion doesn't keep her from doing her job for the Council or from continuing to earn money to save the Connected children. I'm happy to say that we get more Armaeus and Sara togetherness in this book and it was great! And it was done in such a way that The Magician didn't lose his air of mystery. Holy, sexual tension, Batman! 

I'm still loving this world and each book is slowly revealing the many layers of it. There's so much to learn! I love that we're slowly learning about Sara's ability. It's still a big mystery and that makes her even more of the wild card. I'm going to call it now, I think she'll become a power by the time everything is said and done. 

We are also introduced to a couple other members of the Arcane Council. Specifically, we finally meet The Empress and The Fool. Simon, aka The Fool, was by far my favorite new character! I love that Stark decided to have at least one member of the Council be somewhat new to their role as one of the Major Arcana. Simon is The Fool newbie and it was so great to see a Council member who wasn’t all-knowing and was still getting to know his own powers. He kind of made the Council seem a little more human. Just a little though. Still many of the Council are more than a little other. Like The Devil. Also, I can't wait to find out what the heck is up with him.
Wilde Card is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre and an excellent sequel to Getting Wilde. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series!

Also, I got to interview Jenn Stark about the series last week! You can check out that interview here.

Recommended for fans of: 
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ARC provided by the author and Barclay Publicity.

  4 / 5 Stars!

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