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Review: One Touch More by Mandy Baxter

One Touch More
(U.S. Marshals #3)
Mandy Baxter
Release: October 27, 2015
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Strong, relentless, and lethal, he plays every angle to trap the worst criminals. But for the one woman he can't resist, he'll break all the rules…

For hotel manager Tabitha Martin, bad boys usually spell disaster. And her new guest promises just that, with his formidable build, tattooed biceps, and quiet take-no-mess attitude. Tabitha is already putting everything on the line to escape her vicious drug-dealing ex's control for good—but a single sizzling moment in “Damien Evans'” arms has her wanting all the trouble he can give…

He's been undercover too long and likes living dangerously too much. U.S. Marshal Parker Evans figures maybe that's why he doesn't immediately put Tabitha in custody. Sure, she's his one chance to finally take down a major drug ring. But every minute he protects this mostly innocent blonde leaves his heart all too vulnerable. And the cost of desire could be a deadly endgame…
I recently recommended Mandy Baxter's U.S. Marshals series in the Romantic Suspense installment of our Which F-ing Book Should I Read? feature. Each of the books in this series has had a very exciting, action-packed ending and One Touch More is no exception. But after meeting the hero Damien during that very exciting part of the previous book, where he was working undercover in a Mexican cartel, I think I expected the rest of his new assignment to be a little more like Sons of Anarchy. Even Damien admits that selling drugs out of a hotel room is very different from his last job.

Instead, the romance takes center stage for most of the story. Tabitha and Damien have an instant attraction but fight it because she thinks he's a drug dealer, and she had quite enough of those with her last boyfriend, and he thinks she's an accomplice letting said ex-boyfriend sell drugs out of the hotel where she works. I liked the fact that both characters are living in a gray area, doing bad things for good reasons. And I liked them together. They didn't blow me away, but I don't have anything negative to say about them either.

And Damien is much more bad boy than either of the previous marshal heroes. Since he's posing as a criminal, he can get away with things like beating up the guys who give Tabitha a hard time. He's also more of a bad boy in bed, where his alpha side comes out. I just wanted more of everything from him. More action, more violence, more bad boy alpha. (Admittedly, this may have something to do with my having just finished a Justified binge. These marshals really aren't much like the ones on TV. They're likely much more realistic.)

Still, I'm enjoying this series and I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Recommended for fans of: Romantic Suspense novels and TV crime dramas

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley

3 1/2  stars

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