Friday, January 4, 2019

Weres Wanna Know: Is the First Book You Read Each Year Important?

One of my favorite sayings is Begin As You Mean To Go On and I don't know about you but my January will set the mood for the whole rest of the year. This is especially true when it comes to my reading. If I read a ton of good books in January, I usually have a great reading year. See how I said usually there? 2018 is the exception because I started out last year great and then things went into a steep reading decline.

But 2018 is over! And I find myself with a dilemma. Coming out of the Year of the Great Reading Slump, I really, really want 2019 to be a better reading year so I know that the first book I read this year is going to be important. This book is going to set the tone of my whole reading year so I want it to be something I'm going to love.

Some friends and I have been discussing what books we're going to read first and I'm conflicted on what to pick. And of course, each of my friends has a different method they recommend. One of my friends is going to read a new book by one of their favorite authors and I have another one who is going to reread an old favorite. Then I have the Bestie who is going to binge read a bunch of manga to start off his reading year.

I don't know what to choose and it's a problem. Hopefully, the book I choose will be amazing and will set me up for a good reading year. I'm also open to recommendations if you want to suggest books for me to pick up. :)

Does the first book you read in January set the tone for the whole year?
How do you choose what you're going to read?

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