Thursday, January 10, 2019

TBR Bingo: End of 2018 TBR Recap

Towards the end of last year, I made a list of the books I wanted to read before it was 2019. I ended up reading 24 books from the time of that first post till the end of the year which means I made my goal of reading 20 books before 2018 ended. Overall, I feel like I did well on reading books off of my TBR list. Out of the 20 I said I wanted to read, I was able to complete 10!

These are the books I read:

The Random Unread Kindle Books

The Rereads

The End of 2018 TBR Books

I loved all of the End of 2018 TBR books I read and that doesn't happen often! A couple of them even made my favorites of the year list. Sadly, I did not achieve a bingo on my card but I got really close in a couple places.

Overall, I feel like I ended the year the way I wanted to reading wise and managed to also metaphorically flip off The Year of the Reading Slump by doing so. I read SO many great books towards the end of the year! Hopefully, I can keep that momentum up for all of 2019!

What was the last book you read in 2018?

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