Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Six Webcomics You Should Be Reading

We all have that one weird obsession that you really don't talk much about until you encounter another person with the same leanings. For me, that obsession is webcomics. I was introduced to webcomics by a post-doc back in grad school in 2012 and I've been reading them ever since. I love reading and discovering new webcomics! It's kind of like reading fanfiction. You can always find super creative storylines and lots of queer romance and non-traditional characters unlike in a lot of traditionally published comics. 

I was started out on some great ones like Nimona by Noelle Stevenson/Gingerhaze, Hotblood! by Toril Orlesky/starlock, and one I'll talk about below. I quickly branched out on my own and found some great ones and some that were not so great.

Today, I want to talk about five of my favorite webcomics I've discovered in the last year or so and one oldie but goodie that's still going strong. Most of them are very queer, very excellent, and range from contemporary to fantasy to sci-fi. Let's get started, shall we?

Quinn Dreaming is one of the cutest webcomics I've found this year! It's not very far along but it's been 100% golden so far! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it early on thanks to a tweet by Tara Sim. This webcomic is "about magic, awkward crushes, and a lack of sleep" according to the creator. The story follows Quinn, a dream witch, who is trying to navigate his senior year as well as his crush on his best friend, Sorrel. The queer romance, diverse cast, multiple YA book references, and awesome worldbuilding make this webcomic one not to miss! I love it! The characters are amazing and the diversity and uniqueness of the magic is everything! If you're not reading this one yet, you need to! Then you can come find me on Twitter and we can gush about it while we wait for the next update.

A good friend of mine recommended this one to me last year and I quickly became obsessed with it!  Check, Please! is webcomic about hockey and pies and discovering who you are during college. It has a diverse cast of characters and lots of hockey action! Plus, it's a queer romance and I ship it so hard. SO HARD! This webcomic is seriously adorable and hilarious and it makes me so happy! If you want to spend an enjoyable few evenings, I highly recommend checking it out! (Haha! I made a pun!) The shenanigans that Bitty and the Samwell hockey team get up to are freaking fantastic! I can't believe the fourth and last year just started! I'm not ready to say good-bye yet!

Also, if physical comics are your thing, the first two years/volumes of this comic are going to be published as a bind-up called Check, Please!: #Hockey by First Second Comics this fall!

I just discovered Constellation Grimm thanks to my Tapas app and it is glorious! I binge read it all in one day. It's a queer webcomic that follows the journey of an amnesiac girl nicknamed Sunshine as she struggles to get her lost memories back. The cast! The plot! The art! It's all SO good! I don't want to say much more than that because I think this webcomic is better enjoyed going in completely blind. It's on a short hiatus because of the creator's health and con schedule but it should start updating again in September.

This webcomic is on Tumblr but I would recommend reading it on Tapas.


Frankenstein's Support Group is published on the Quirk Books blog and is a fun, modern look at some of our favorite literary monsters and some new ones too. It's been a few hundred years and lots of things have changed. Frankenstein's Monster has adopted his maker's surname and went on to study psychiatry. He has now started a support group to help guide other misunderstood monsters like him live in the modern age. It is seriously great! Dracula is stuck in a rut and Baba Yaga is the modern day feminist witch that we all should inspire to be like. Plus, we get to see some new faces like Ginger who is still figuring out the whole monster thing.

I read it through the author's website because some of the links on Quirk's blog are missing.

Galanthus is like the webcomic version of A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and it is everything! I just started reading it last week and I'm not caught up but it's amazing so far! It's about Farah, a human factory worker, who accidentally stows away on a spaceship and then gets invited to join the crew! It's filled with fascinating aliens, a queer spaceship family, a captain who's determined to make the universe a better place through kindness, and smuggling. I can't recommend it enough! Plus, the art style is pretty cool and minimalistic.

Oh Human Star has been a webcomic I've been reading for a LONG time. Like 5 years. It started back in 2012 and is still ongoing. It's a queer family drama with robots! And it is seriously one of the best webcomics I've ever read and easily makes it onto my Top 3 Favorite Webcomics of All-Time. The story is about one Alastair Sterling, who was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. But his sudden death meant that he didn’t see any of it of happen. That is, until he wakes up sixteen years later in a robot body that is an exact replica of his old one. Al now has to find his old business partner and learn how to navigate the future that is now his present. I seriously can't recommend this one enough!

Do you read webcomics? If so, do you have any recommendations for me?

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