Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best of 2017: Favorite Movies (and a Super Giveaway!)

2017 has been a rough year. We don't know about you but we've tried to find happiness in the small things this year. As we say good bye to this year and welcome in 2018, we were inspired by this post to share with you posts that list the TV shows, movies, and the random things that brought us some joy these last twelve months. And of course we'll cover all of our favorite books, but not until next week. Today, we're going to be talking about our favorite movies of the year!

Wonder Woman Poster
Wonder Woman is obviously all about girl power, but what I loved is that we saw not teenaged girls but middle aged women like Robin Wright kicking ass. Even the villain was played by an older actor than one might have expected. This movie broke the mold in so many ways!

 I've been pretty meh about the last couple of Pixar movies that have come out so I had to be talked into going to Coco it's opening weekend. I'm so glad I was! It was vibrant, heartfelt movie all about the importance of family. The animation was stunningly gorgeous and it delivered a few laughs as well. I would highly recommend going to see it.

Thor: Ragnarok was everything I wanted Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to be. It was hilarious and full of action. I love that they finally embraced ridiculous Thor and ran with it. This movie was just so much fun! I came out of the theaters with a happy heart and a huge grin. And it made me excited for Marvel movies again.

your name. was the movie I was dying to see this year. I follow a lot of anime accounts who did nothing but rave about how good this movie was in 2016. And I knew I had to see it when it beat out Spirited Away for the highest grossing animated movie in Japan. And it was absolutely delightful! The animation was gorgeous and the story was amazing and really emotionally engaging. I didn't see the twist coming. If you love Miyazaki, you'll probably love this movie too.

I have been looking forward to The Last Jedi from the moment I walked out of the theater for The Force Awakens. I went and saw it opening night and it was everything I wanted it to be! It was also funnier than I thought it would be. I'm not going to say anything more about it since it's just out. Just know that I loved it a lot. And that I need more Rose in my life. I totally bought a few of the newer Star Wars books so I can know more of the backstory of a few of the characters.

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast was on my list of movies to see this year and I went opening weekend. I'm a huge fan of the Broadway musical and the animated movie and I loved this just as much. I liked that the writers tried to fill in a bit more about Belle's and the Beast's backstories. I loved the costumes and the story line! And I know this is not a popular opinion but I really liked the soundtrack. I've played "Evermore" and "Days in the Sun" more times than I want to admit this year. 

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Poster
The Star Wars movies have been on TV a lot the last few months since everyone's getting excited about The Last Jedi. I've watched The Clone Wars animated series and Rebels in the last year so I'm enjoying having more puzzle pieces to fit together. And there are even a few things I like about the prequels, mostly Yoda and Ewan McGregor.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Poster
I know Harry Potter weekend is not new this year, but I've caught it a lot more often. (Even though I have the DVDs it never occurs to me to play them.) My daughter's also started paying attention to the movies when they're on and asking questions about the world so I'm getting to introduce it to her.

Howl's Moving Castle is an older movie but I finally got to see it in theaters thanks to the Studio Ghibli Film Festival that has been going on. It's my all-time favorite Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli film and it was even more epic on the big screen. Seeing it was everything I wanted it to be. The animation was gorgeous and the experience was amazing! I got to see it with some friends who had never seen it before and I loved watching them fall in love with Howl and Sophie! I have a goal now to see all of my favorite Miyazaki films in theaters.

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