Friday, October 20, 2017

Subscription Box Review: September Whimsify Box

Today we're talking about the September Whimsify Box.
It's a little tricky to know when to post a review this month. The box shipped late because of Hurricane Irma and all the crazy weather in the U.S. this month could have delayed it reaching its destination. So if you don't want to be spoiled, don't scroll down.

This month's theme was:
Queens: Good and Evil

Here's what's in the box:

Queen Levana candle from Flick the Wick
I'm loving getting to shop all the different candle shops via this box. (Whimsify includes a candle in every box.) Maybe by the end of the year, I'll be able to tell you which one's my favorite. This is my first candle from Flick the Wick and I like the jasmine, sandalwood and amber scent. It's just that there was a glittery lavender candle in the June box, so I wish they'd chosen a different color.

Queen Elsa print by Little Inklings Design
This print features a quote from Let It Go, so the song gets stuck in my head every time I look at it. But it's pretty. I'm thinking of framing it for my daughter's room. She has some other princess art hanging above her desk.

Aelin sticker by Whimsify
 It looks red in this photo but it's really more orange like in the first one. I'm going to have quite the collection of Sarah J. Maas merchandise - maybe I should finally read her books?

Queen of Hearts cookie from Sweet Baketique
I haven't eaten the cookie yet because it's just so pretty. My daughter loves sugar cookies so I'm sure when she sees it it will get tasted.

Heartless inspired backpack by Evie Seo
I love the artist. I love the design. I don't love the fabric. It has a crosshatch texture that looks a little like a bandage to me. And if you look through the back of the bag, you can see the design on the front. I think the white is the right choice for this design, but this particular fabric might have worked better in black.


Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust
This book's been called a feminist Snow White retelling. It alternates between the princess's and the evil queen's POVs. I have a lot of retellings in my TBR pile right now and I'm thinking I should do a theme month. (Any tips on how not to get your princesses mixed up during a retelling binge?)

So here's the thing: I really wish this box had a coherent color story (like the August Whimsify or the September Owlcrate.) The book cover makes such a strong statement. Between the cover, the backpack and the cookie, you have the start of a black, white, and red theme that would have made for gorgeous unboxings. Plus I would have loved it if the candle were black. But that may be my personal preference more than a real criticism. I like the items individually and it's not like I'm planning to keep them all together forever.

What items do you like to get in subscription boxes?

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