Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Would Make Good Video Games

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This week's topic is: Books That Would Make Good Video Games

5. The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews
I'm not sure how this would work out as a video game but it has all the things I love in a video game: diverse playing options, romance, magic, and epic fights! Seriously! Can you imagine the boss fights this video games would have? The ones in the book are epic enough but imagine being able to play them! Although, the last boss fight against a certain character would probably be the hardest boss fight that we'd ever play.

4. Time Salvager by Wesley Chu
I'm a sucker for video games where I need to find missing items to complete quests. When I think of Time Salvager as a video game, I kind of imagine it as Tomb Raider in space where instead of finding treasures like Lara Croft you're time traveling to find things to help a dystopian society to keep going. I would play the heck out of that game!

3. The Betrayal Knows My Name by Hotaru Odagiri
Using a manga series might be considered cheating on this list but I grew up playing Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts so I'm always on the lookout for awesome games that are similar. This series would have great awesome weapons and epic boss fights against the Duras while having the emotional backstory that made RPGs some of my favorite video games. Also, imagine being able to play as any of the Zweilt! And think of all the romancing you could do! I would totally play this game just to have Hotsuma romance Shuusei. :)

2. The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson

The magic system in this series is just perfect for a video game! Just imagine your character having to find vials of metal and coins to fight! And the boss fights would be epic! I would buy this video game in a heartbeat just to play Vin defeating the enemy with a ginormous koloss sword.

1. The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh
Okay. This choice might seem weird but bare with me for a second. I think that this series would make an amazing RPG game. It has the backstory, it has characters you can romance, and it has tons of play options. You can play a vampire, an angel, or a guild hunter. You'd be able to go on side quests to capture rogue vamps, go spy on enemies with Jason, or to find missing treasures with Naasir. And then you can have totally epic boss fights with evil angels and archangels! Someone please make this into a game ala Dragon Age! I want the opportunity to have Illium romance Aodhan. Shhh! Don't judge my headcanon.

Honorable Mention:

The Adventures of Owl Series by Kristi Charish
 This book is the urban fantasy version of Tomb Raider that I never knew I needed! There's dragons, succubi, mummies, and all sorts of other supernatural creatures. choosing this book is a bit meta since the heroine is obsessed with a video game that helps her hunt down the artifacts that she's looking for. It would kind of be a game within a game! How cool is that?

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