Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorites That Aren't Books

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This week's topic is Current Favorites That Aren't Books.

We all go through reading slumps occasionally or just need to take a break to reset our brains between reads. Here are some of the things other than books we've been obsessing about lately.

5. Bookstagram
Okay, this one still involves books but I'm photographing them not reading them. We're hosting our first ever bookstagram challenge this month (It starts today!) and I've been trying to get some of my photos taken in advance. As the host, I'm kind of feeling the pressure to make them good. But I'm having fun looking around the house for props I haven't used before. For details on the challenge, check out this post. -Gretl

4. TV Shows
Has anyone else been watching Emerald City? I started it a few weeks late and halfway through the first episode I thought I didn't like it, but it grew on me. It's nothing like The Wizard of Oz we all watched as kids. It's dark and dystopian and I'm kind of loving it now. If you're into YA fantasy, you should check it out. It has that feel to me. The main characters are adults, but there are a couple of teens in there too.


I need a new Netflix show to binge! I recently finished The West Wing and I've been looking the last few weeks but nothing is jumping out at me. -Gretl

3. Adventures in Cooking
One of my personal New Year's resolutions this year is to eat more healthy and to not eat out as much. Both of those goals have required me to cook more than I was last year. I actually love trying new recipes and cooking but I just haven't had the time because of grad school craziness. It's been fun getting back into the swing of things. It's also been delicious! My favorite new dishes I've tried so far have been these Carne Guisada, Multigrain Bread, and Beef and Snow Peas recipes. -Rose Red

2. Video Games
I'm not much of a traditional gamer but I've been playing a lot of video and computer games lately. Mostly I've been playing my old school city-building game, Zeus, and its expansion, Poseidon. I found it in a box while I was cleaning last month and it's been so fun playing it again! I've also been playing Super Mario Run since it came out. I love it but I'm terrible at it! It's become my go to phone game when I have to wait somewhere. My poor phone battery isn't enjoying it as much though. -Rose Red

1. Anime 
In case you didn't know, I'm a huge anime fan! I got started on Sailor Moon as a teen and haven't looked back. When I find myself in a slump, like I've been in since November, I watch anime. During the holidays, I fell head over heels in love with the sports anime, Yuri!!! On Ice! It's amazing! It's a story about men's figure skating. But it's also about family, friends, and anxiety where the romance between the two main characters, Yuri and Victor, is considered normal. As I said, it's amazing and heartwarming. Each week's new episode was the highlight of my week. You can watch the whole first season for free on Crunchyroll. Yuri!!! on Ice isn't the only anime I've been watching. I highly recommend: Yona of the Dawn, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Haikyu!, and Snow White with the Red Hair. -Rose Red

What are your current non-book obsessions?


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