Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Non-Canon Ships

This week I participated in Top 5 Wednesday again! 

If you don't know, Top 5 Wednesday is a feature for bloggers and booktubers based on a Goodreads group. There is a unique topic for each Wednesday and bloggers and booktubers make posts or videos to discuss their responses. Here is the link to the Goodreads group if you'd like to participate - and let me know if you do!

Top 5 Wednesday

This week's topic is:

Top 5 Favorite Non-Canon Ships
These are your favorite character relationships that didn't actually work out in the canon of the book or series (canon = everything that actually happened in a book). There are a few different ways you could go about this week's theme, but I chose to talk about the couples I really wanted to make it that just...didn't. You can click on the video below to watch, and then go check out the Goodreads group for a lot more blog posts and videos on this theme!

Series talked about in this video (possible spoilers!):
Vampire Academy series
Throne of Glass series
Covenant series
Sookie Steakhouse series
Harry Potter series

Favorite Ships That Didn't Make It | Top 5 Wednesday

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