Friday, July 1, 2016

Weres Wanna Know: Summer Reading

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With a lot of bloggers posting lists of their favorite beach reads and their summer TBRs, I've been thinking a lot about summer reading. I read a ton during the summer. I always have. I was totally that kid in school that happily did all of the assigned summer reading and actively participated in my local library's summer reading program. I miss it. Before adulthood intruded, summer was when I read everything I could get my hands on. It was a time of bliss.

What Are You Reading This Summer?

One of the things my library's summer reading program taught me was to make summer reading goals. On top of stating the number of books we wanted to read, we were encouraged to make a list of five books that we wanted to for sure read that summer. If we completed those five books, we got to choose a king sized candy bar from the prize drawer. Great incentive, right?

I'm proud to say that I was successful every year until I couldn't participate any more. The thing is, even though I'm too old to participate in the actual summer program, I still make my list of what I want to read between the first of June and the end of August. Sometime after I graduated high school I realized that summer reading was so much more than me setting and reading my summer TBR.

I started to notice that everybody, myself included, tend to read certain kinds of books in the summer. Some people spend their summer reading fluffy contemporary beach reads. Honestly, until five years ago, I had always assumed that a beach read just referred to whatever book you took with you to read there. As for myself, I tend to binge read paranormal and urban fantasy books with some science fiction thrown in for some variety.

So I want to share with you my unofficial and personalized summer reading program with you. My goal is to read a total of 25 books over the summer. I'm on track to complete that since I've already read ten so far this summer. As for my Summer TBR, these are the five books I decided to make my priority to read:


I've already completed Kiss of Midnight so I only have four left on my list. I'm hoping to get to either The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet or Grave Phantoms next. Is there one of these that I should prioritize over the others?

Let's discuss summer reading! 
What is summer reading to you? Do you read more in the summer?
Are you wanting to read any specific books or genres?
Want to share any beach read recs with me?

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