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Read This F@!%ing Book (58)

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 58: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

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How do I convince you all to read this book without being a rambly mess? I really don't know how so this may be the shortest Read This F@!%ing Book post I've ever written but let me give it a try. 

Let Me Get The Fangirling Out Of The Way
HOLY HELL! This series was amazing! Oh my goodness! The hype is so deserved! I binge read the first three books over the course of two days and I don't regret not sleeping at all. I loved every minute of reading this series. The only word I can think to describe it all is magical. It was just plain magical! I was hooked from the first. I loved everything about it! The setup, the characters, the cars, the setting, the paranormal aspects, the mythology... I loved it all! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS SERIES? It was everything!

This series has the kind of storytelling that you don't just give your heart to, you give it all of your love and adoration as well as its own space in your brain because you won't be able to quit thinking about it. I'm blown away by how intricate and detailed the story telling in this series is. I could pour over it for hours, trying to understand the evil brilliance behind each uniquely flawless turn of phrase and each effortless plot twist that leads to the ending with all the major plot points wrapped up. The characterization is so subtle, vivid as all hell, and just plain fantastic! You discover things with the characters as they discover them but there are tiny hints as you work up to the subtle reveal. I need to reread these books immediately because I'm sure I missed a ton of the subtle nudges that Maggie Stiefvater writes into the prose. The writing and atmosphere of these books is truly magical. 

I Have Fallen Head Over Heels For Blue And Her Raven Boys 
Maggie Stiefvater is so gifted and it's incredible how real her characters feel. Many authors can create characters I love, but not many authors can create characters that I can actually believe are real. I feel like that I know these characters and, like Blue, I've fallen head over heels for her Raven Boys. I seriously love them all! Gansey, Noah, Adam, Ronan, and Blue have carved out a piece of my heart for themselves and have made themselves at home. They have one of those all-consuming friendships that so many of us covet. Seriously. The relationships in this series were everything! Their relationship as a group as well as their one-on-one relationships with each other are constantly changing and growing. I loved that the important relationships in this weren't the romantic ones but those between friends and those between family. This is a series where the characters aren't trying to become something they're not or something more than they can achieve in so short a time, but they're characters that are growing more into themselves and learning to be comfortable in their own skins with help from each other. And as much as I love these five, I also love Blue's crazy family of psychics and Gansey's friend, Dr. Roger Malory. 

Not Convinced Yet? I'll Just Leave These Here.
I know this post is awfully fangirly so if you need proof of how great these books are from an outside source, I'll just leave these here.

If you haven't read these books yet, please go buy a copy or borrow it from a friend or your library. I think everyone needs to give this series a chance.

Have you read this series?
Let us know in the comments below!
Did we persuade you to add these books to your TBR mountain?

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