Thursday, April 28, 2016

Show Me Your Fairy Tale Retellings: Spotlight on the Baba Yaga Series by Deborah Blake

We're trying something a little different with our Show Me Yours feature this week. In addition to recommending some books in the original post, we're spotlighting some of our favorites that we've featured previously on the blog. So we'll be showing you ours all week long.

This week's topic is fairy tale retellings. If you want to show us your favorites, comment on the original post.


When we think of fairy tale retellings the first ones that come to mind are usually Cinderella and Snow White reboots, but there's more than just the Brothers Grimm in the fairy tale canon. Baba Yaga is the wicked witch of Russian folk lore and I love the way Deborah Blake updated the myth for her PNR series. Baba Yaga is not a name but a title, and there are three of them across the U.S. Instead of the traditional house on chicken legs, each Baba has her own version of a mobile home. 

But the Babas are still summoned the same way they've always been, by someone petitioning for help. Each one has a different kind of elemental magic, earth, fire or water, that she uses to help her solve the problem. I especially liked the way each book featured an environmental issue that tied into the Babas' powers. And, like I mentioned in an earlier spotlight, I like the fact that a character from children's stories gets to have an adult romance.

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