Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Really Short Reviews: Random Comics Edition

Blood Stain, Volume 1
(Blood Stain #1)
Linda Sejic
Release: April 19, 2016
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Mad science at its finest. Chemistry major, Elliot Torres has been unable to keep a steady job and eventually accepts a job by a rumored mad scientist Dr. Vlad Stein. Humorous hijinks ensue as their collaboration becomes epic.

Review by Rose Red:

I was browsing Netgalley one day and the cover for this comic intrigued me enough to check out the synopsis. Chemist heroine and a mad scientist boss? I'm getting Frankenstein-esque vibes from the art so... Heck Yes! Please get in my eyeballs! I enjoyed this webcomic turned graphic novel quite a bit more than I thought I would.

Elliot Torres has been looking for a job for two years and hasn't had much luck. Some of her joblessness is her fault and some of it isn't as the comic details the few jobs that she was able to land in her search that didn't work out for various reasons. She's starting to get a bit desperate when she comes across a job listing for a lab assistant position with a rumored mad scientist.

Sounds awesome, right? The story is slow developing but I thought this volume started off great! The story part itself is quite short though thanks to lots of bonus material at the end. The bonus stuff was nice but I would have rather had more story. It was just getting to the good part! Other than the length, my one real complaint about this comic was the choice of the white font on the black in Dr. Stein's frames. The font was too skinny and I had a hard time figuring out what the good doctor was saying in his bubbles in the digital edition. 
I really enjoyed how the story started and I'm looking forward to seeing how the characters play out! Due to the short length, I had the entire volume read in less than thirty minutes. I'm really excited to find out what happens next. I need more!

Time to dig up the webcomic online and read the rest of it...

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley.

  4 / 5 Stars

Complete Alice in Wonderland
Leah Moore, John Reppion, and Erica Awano
Release: April 19, 2016
Join Alice on her whimsical journey down the rabbit hole. For the first time ever, Lewis Carroll's beloved masterpiece is faithfully adapted and illustrated in its entirety, including the long-lost chapter, "The Wasp in a Wig!" From her initial meeting with the White Rabbit in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to her final dinner party with the entire (and outrageous) Through the Looking Glass cast, every moment of Alice's adventures in that astonishing landscape is captured in gorgeous detail. With old favorites like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter joined now by a long-forgotten Carroll creation, The Wasp, in one of the book's latter chapters, children and adults alike can rediscover the complete Alice tale and fall in love with Wonderland all over again!
Review by Rose Red:

I loved Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a kid and read it many times. Thanks to my childhood obsession, I know the dialogue pretty well so I can say with some authority that this book is SO close to the original text. Although I was sad that it still left out some of my favorite lines but that's to be expected in a graphic novel adaptation. And if someone isn't familiar with the original, it won't be much of a problem because the context isn't changed.

Unfortunately, the art style of this graphic novel wasn't my favorite and it took away some of my enjoyment while reading. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an odd story with a weird atmosphere so I don't what I expected of the art but to me it felt like there was something a bit off about the illustrations. That is just my personal opinion. The color palette used for the pictures fit the story though!

Overall, this graphic novel was good and I can see many people enjoying it. But the art style just wasn't for me.

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley.
  3 / 5 Stars!

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