Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Coastal Magic Featured Author Reading Challenge

Goldilox is a featured blogger at Coastal Magic Con again in 2016. But I'm pretty far away from Florida and not really in a position to travel. I'm thinking the Featured Author Reading Challenge is a great way to feel more involved so I'm going to give it a shot.
The Challenge is really straightforward: read 17 books from the 60 Coastal Magic Con Featured Authors in 17 weeks. (That's how long until the Con.) There are even some authors on the list that I was planning to read anyway, so that makes it a little less daunting. And there are prizes! One Con attendee and one non-attendee who complete the Challenge each win.
Check out the Challenge on Facebook or on the Coastal Magic website for more details and the list of Featured Authors or to find out how to register for the convention.
And hopefully, watch for that Featured Author Reading Challenge graphic at the end of some reviews in the next few months.

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