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Read This F@!%ing Book (45)

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 45: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
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It's no secret that I absolutely adore Patricia Briggs' urban fantasy books. I've reviewed enough of her books here at Goldilox and the Three Weres that you all know exactly how much I love her books. I first found her Mercy Thompson books while I was in college and I quickly devoured all of the books that had been released at that point (Silver Borne). Since then, I've reread this series multiple times and I still adore everything about it! Why do I love this series so much? Let me tell you!

Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Fae... Oh my!
Mercedes Thompson, also known as Mercy, is a Volkswagon mechanic in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. But Mercy isn’t just a mechanic. She’s a walker or someone who is able to shapeshift into a coyote. Despite that, she wants and is striving to lead as normal of a life as a walker who was raised by werewolves and whose neighbor is Alpha of the local werewolf pack can expect. It’s also hard to be normal when your former boss is a powerful member of the fae community and you have befriended a vampire with a Scooby Doo obsession and the Mystery Machine to prove it. That’s just the norm for Mercy.

I was instantly sucked into Mercy’s world the first time I read Moon Called and that hasn’t changed at all with each reread. Mercy is such a likeable and engaging heroine. She’s spunky and sassy and a tad bit cheesy. Most importantly, she feels real. She understands her limitations and that being a walker doesn’t make her invincible. She doesn’t come off as invincible and inhuman in her buttkicking abilities, yet at the same time, she is comfortable in her own skin and can hold her own. With so many other powerful paranormal characters in her life, she realizes just how vulnerable she actually is. All the characters are realistic even the paranormal ones are realistic in their otherworldliness, which is impressive. Briggs worked in a good base of folklore and real world nature to make even the unbelievable believable.

I love the world building in this series. It is amazing how much it’s like the world we live in but different at the same time with the addition of preternatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, and fae. The lore for the creatures while taking on a lot of the characteristics we’ve come to associate with some of these creatures, Briggs has managed to insert her own unique rules and spin on it that makes her supernaturals refreshing to read about.

Mercy Is One Of The Best Female Characters In Urban Fantasy.
Mercy is one of the most refreshing female characters I have come across in a long time. Her banter with the other werewolves is priceless, and writing good dialogue is something that Patricia Briggs excels at. I loved Mercy instantly. She is loyal, stubborn, smart, tough, and snarky. I want to be best friends with her. But she's not that the only character that I adore in these books. Spoiler: I love almost all of them. I love Adam, the alpha of the werewolf pack. He’s control freak (hello, he’s an alpha!), but he always does right by Mercy even when she drives him crazy. And I love how Mercy does that with the junk car in her backyard. Samuel, Mercy’s first love and friend from the pack she grew up with, took longer for me to love than Adam. But he patiently works on you and before you know it you find that you love him as much as Mercy. The other secondary characters are an interesting and entertaining bunch. You can’t help but love Zee, Stefan, Warren, Kyle, Jesse, Bran, and the rest of the Tri-Cities pack.

I could gush about this series for days. I loved every minute of it and I vow not to wait too long before I reread it again. I adore it so much! If you haven’t read it yet, you need to fix that ASAP. I promise you won’t regret it.

ZOMG! The Audiobooks Are Freaking Fantastic! 
If you like Audiobooks, then you have to listen to this series! Lorelei King is the narrator and she does a phenomenal job! She nailed all the voices perfectly to what I imagined them sounding like in my head. I have a confession to make. I love these audiobooks and these stories so much that I have been listening to the audio on a continuous loop this year. They are really just that good, guys!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next Mercy book! I need more Mercy in my life! Seriously. I can't wait for Fire Touched to come out next spring! If you haven't read this series or the Alpha & Omega books, you should fix that ASAP! I'd recommend reading both series together in chronological order. Patricia Briggs has a timeline on her website that you can use to know the reading order. Both of these series are wonderful examples of why urban fantasy is a great genre! They are freaking fantastic! 


  1. oh I love audiobooks and I have been looking for a great series to listen to...I KNOW its crazy that I haven't read this series yet. But I just recently got into Urban Fantasy, and I have had my eye on Patricia Briggs for quite some time now. I think now is the time to try her out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Oh! I'm so happy you're going to be picking this series up! I think you're going to love it! Happy reading! :)

  2. I agree completely. This is one of the first UF series I started years ago. I think there were only three books out when I started reading. Then I found the audios and started them all over again. Now I go straight to audio. I had the pleasure of meeting Patty and her husband, Mike, at RT. They are some of the sweetest people, and funny. Great choice. :-)

    1. Oh my goodness! I'm kind of jealous that you've meet them! It's one of my life goals to meet Patricia Briggs in real life! And yes! Another audiobook fan! I always get the ebook, audiobook, and hardcover when Briggs has a new book out. I'm kind of obsessed. :)


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