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Read This F@!%ing Book 39

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 39: The Plum Orchard series by Dakota Cassidy

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A few days ago, The CW cancelled Hart of Dixie. I knew it was coming, but the news still made me sad. If you're like me and wondering where, outside of a Netflix binge, you're going to get your quirky small town romance fix now, I recommend Dakota Cassidy's Plum Orchard series.

Kinda Like Bluebell, but more . . . everything
In Hart of Dixie,  Zoe Hart inherits a medical practice from her biological father. In Talk Dirty to Me, Dixie Davis inherits a phone sex company from her childhood best friend. Both of them end up moving to a small Southern town where they don't quite fit in and shenanigans ensue. Plum Orchard, Georgia has a lot in common with Bluebell, Alabama, but since romance novels (thankfully) aren't held to network TV standards, it's even more outrageous.

Zoe and Dixie both move onto an antebellum estate that comes with its own exotic pet. Zoe's has an alligator named Burt Reynolds. Dixie gets a camel named Toe. (Best fictional pet camel name ever BTW.) Bluebell has the Belles, former cheerleaders who organize social events and judge everyone in town. Plum Orchard has the Magnolias, who take preserving their Mean Girl status to the next level.

And Plum Orchard has plenty of the eccentric characters and juicy scandals that we love these towns for. The biggest of those scandals is, of course, the phone sex company that just moved to town and the unconventional women who work there. I loved the ladies of Call Girls! Even more than the romances, I enjoyed the friendships that developed between these very different women.

Don't Skip the Prequel Novella
I know some people skip the novellas when they start a new series, but I highly recommend Talk This Way. It's the only chance we get to meet Landon, even though he's ultimately responsible for bringing all the other characters together. He's a fun, wonderfully eccentric character - he's the one who named the camel - and all of the novels feature at least an anecdote about him. But make sure you have your tissues ready for some of those!

But Wait! There's More!
There were originally three novels published in the series. When I finished the third, I was so disappointed that the last Hawthorn brother wouldn't get his own HEA. (Jax and Tag are the heroes of books two and three.) But Cassidy's actually writing more Plum Orchard books. Her first self-published title in the series is due out this summer and features Gage, that brother I was so curious about, and Nella the Call Girls receptionist.

Are you interested in starting this series? Did we persuade you to add it to your TBR mountain? Or have you read it and love it as much as I do? Let us know in the comments below!
You can purchase the books here. (Note that the prequel novella Talk This Way is available as an e-book, but it's also included as a bonus at the end of Talking After Midnight.) Or look for them at your library. That's where I got them.




  1. I loved the series too and unpatiently await Gage's HEA!

  2. I got hooked on Heart of Dixie and binge watched it on Netflix and then watched the last season. I have this series on my TBR pile. When I'm in a small town romance mood again I'm going to binge read it.

    1. I wish we had a Like button. I would totally Like your comment. But we don't so I can't like it.


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