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Read This F@!%ing Book (38)

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 38: The Wait For You Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout  
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Armentrout Isn't Afraid To Go There
One of the things I love about Jennifer Armentrout's books is that she's not afraid to address several serious issues. But what I love most is that they are addressed with a lot of tact, sensitivity, and absolutely no judgment. These are issues that become journeys that promote growth and development for each of the characters. There are not just ups and downs and black and white situations but everything in between as some of the situations land firmly in the gray area. Some of the storylines pull at your heartstrings. Okay, they pulled on mine. These books contain some hard life lessons that are learned with serious consequences like what do you do when the life plan you've been working on your whole life is gone or how do you confront your parent/guardian that made a terrible choice concerning your well-being. Even though there is some serious content in these books, there's also a lot of fun, laugh out moments to balance things out.

ZOMG! The Men In This Series!
I may be biased but the men in this series are some of my favorite heroes of all time. They're protective, passionate, and protective without being one of those alpha assholes. Cam, Jase, Jax, and Reece are sexy and more than one of them are a bit cheesy when it comes to romance. In one of the books, they get referred to as the Hot Guy Brigade which is hilariously true. They all made me laugh and fall head over heels for each of them. I'm not sure if I should admit this but I'm a bit jealous of the ladies in this series because they get these guys. These guys feel like real people from all walks of life. Yeah, they have their own issues and problems they're dealing with themselves but they confront them with steadfastness and humor. These heroes really captured my heart and they're not about to let it go anytime soon. I do have my favorite out of all four and I kind of wish there was a way to make him real so I can clone him and have my own Reece. 

Another thing I love about these heroes is that they are perfectly matched with each heroine. They help to balance out each lady's personality. These stories are heartwarming ones with substance with a tiny bit of fluff. The characters from each book become friends and form their own kind of family. They are there for each other in the good and hard times. There is more than a little teasing thrown in as well. I will easily admit that I absolutely adore the witty banter that is exchanged between all the characters and not just each couple.

More Than Just A Romance
While these books are romance novels, they're not just that. There’s intrigue and a level of mystery and suspense in each book that is just as important as the romance is. These stories will lure you in with the love stories but the mystery is what will keep you reading late into the night until you run out of pages. These books are like reading crack. You can't put them down once you start. They will make you laugh and they'll make you cry. This series is definitely not one to miss out on!

I can't wait to get my hands on the next book because ZOMG! we're getting Nick's story and his going to be chasing a girl that we met previously in the series! I totally didn't see her coming back so I was surprised when she stepped back into the story in the last book. This series is one that I'm going be rereading over and over again for years to come! Thank you so much, Jennifer Armentrout, for writing my favorite new adult series ever!

 Our reviews of books in this series:

Are you interested in starting this series? Did we persuade you to add it to your TBR mountain? Or have you read it and love it as much as I do? Let us know in the comments below!

You can grab all the books for about $22 (Kindle versions are all under $5) for yourself here.

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