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Read This F@!%ing Book (33)

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Read This F@!%ing Book Post 33: The Darkest London Series by Kristen Callihan

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Diverse Paranormal Creatures Plus Steampunk!
One of the reasons this book series is amazing is because of the world building and the diverse selection of paranormal creatures. You have the standard vampires, werewolves, and angels but Callihan plays with the typical rules in clever ways and gives them new life. But they're not the only creatures book one has a firestarter and other books have gods, shifters, and Callihan's original Ghost in the Machines (aka GIMs). What's a Ghost in the Machine, you ask? They are immortals powered by clockwork hearts who can leave their bodies and use their spirits to travel astrally. All of this makes for an interesting alternate version of Victorian England. The books have just enough steampunk touches to make the world more interesting without the author trying too hard to make the books steampunk. The paranormal aspect along with the dirigibles and steampunk gadgets make this series a unique one. 

Holy Romance, Batman!
The romances in this series are supernaturally hot! Each book in Callihan's Victorian-era series follows a different supernaturally gifted couple as they grapple with threats in their world and falling in love while contributing to Callihan's careful world building while balancing existing favorite characters with new ones. This gives readers the best of two genres: you get the evolving storylines that run from book to book like an urban fantasy or steampunk series while getting new character perspectives and experiences with a different couple each time like a traditional romance series.

The books are full of fresh ideas for supernatural creatures and romantic situations which is a relief in a market saturated with vampire and werewolf romances. For example, the hero of book one, Firelight, is always masked and is desperately in love with the fire-starter he's married. You will lose your mind trying to figure out why he is always masked while adoring the developing relationship. (Bonus points for the line "You should be running." when the heroine summons her flames. Nice Hellboy reference, right?)

Perfect Series To Binge Read!
This series currently has six books and two novellas out which makes a perfect series to marathon! I read the whole series in three days and it quickly became one of my favorite historical paranormal romance series. It's well worth the read! Callihan is a deft hand at wrapping up the main plot points of each book while also setting up for the next one. Once you start the first book, be prepared to binge read the whole series. You'll run out of books all too quickly.

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  1. I like how each book is a stand alone story, each with it's own unique characteristics, but there is still an over-riding arc to the series. I will be checking this out!
    Thanks, Red Rose!

  2. I'm so behind on this series, but the first couple are honestly some of my all time favorite PNRs!


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