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Read This F@!#ing Book Rebooted

Did you know Read This F@!#ing Book debuted in 2012? I found some of my favorite series because of those first posts. This year we've decided to look back at a few of our favorite RTFBs and update them for 2015. We'll keep doing new ones too, so if you have a favorite book or series that you think deserves some attention or if you'd like to guest post, let us know.
For my first Reboot, I'm going back to where it all started. The very first Read This F@!#ing Book post featured Richelle Mead's Bloodlines. (Read Goldilox's original post here.) The final book in the series, The Ruby Circle, is only a month away so if you haven't read these yet, it's a great time to start.
Welcome to a feature I'm going to post on Mondays called:
Read This F@!%ing Book!
This is a feature for me to push my favorite reads that just aren't getting enough attention! 
I'm also opening it up to anyone who would like to guest post. Do you have a book that you just LURVED but feel like its not getting the play it deserves? Email me to let me know and I'd be THRILLED to have you post about it here! Especially if it's something I haven't reviewed yet - that's even better (but not necessary)! If you're interested email me:
Read This F@!%ing Book Post 1.1: The Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead Rebooted

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Why I'm pushing it: In 2012 Goldilox said I know what some of you are thinking. Why push this series? Its probably getting PLENTY of attention! Well here's the thing.....SOME people aren't reading the series because they think they won't like Sydney. GASP! Let me convince you!

In 2015 I'm still seeing people make similar comments on reviews.
Why I love Sydney and this spinoff (Then) Sydney is not Rose - that's true. And as much as I loved Rose, I also love Sydney because she's a little different than the typical YA heroine out there right now. Instead of acting before she thinks or going balls out.....Sydney uses her intelligence to kick ass. I kind of think its daring for Richelle Mead to write an anti-cool dork like Sydney as the main character. What a girl for teens to look up to! She thinks things through! She's values things like education and reading! And even though she's a total nerd, she has some seriously funny and endearing moments in these books. You don't mess with Sydney's friends and family without consequences.....a wimp she is not (case in point: We finally learn why Sydney made a deal with Abe and it is juicy!).

(Now) As this series has progressed, what I've really enjoyed is getting to see other sides of the world that Mead introduced in the Vampire Academy books. Sydney and Adrian are living in the human world but they have also encountered Alchemists, witches, and a fundamentalist vampire hunting cult. The Alchemists in particular turned out to be so much more than what they seemed - in a wonderful, fascinating, horrific way.

Catch up with your favorite side characters from VA: (Then) Eddie and Jill are back as major players in the Bloodlines series.....and P.S. Eddie is adorable! Dimitri and Rose are even in The Golden Lily! Want to catch up with everybody you loved in VA? Well, here you go!

(Now) I also love getting to watch these characters grow up. Sydney learns to think for herself and trust her heart. Adrian battles depression and addiction. Eddie is everything a Guardian should be - responsible, loyal, fierce in battle - but he's also very human. Dmitri has a small but consistent role in the Bloodlines series. Silver Shadows even features a return to the Moroi Court and a look at Lyssa as queen.

Also.....there's Adrian: (Then) Maybe you live in a cave. Maybe you've had mono for like, two years. Because you've obviously forgotten about Adrian! HELLO! Adrian! He is even better in the Bloodlines series than in Vampire Academy! And unlike in VA, where you just knew things weren't going to work out for him, in Bloodlines you can root for him to get the girl! He is SO devilishly charming and irrestible in these books, especially in The Golden Lily.

(Now) And of course Sydney and Adrian's EPIC love story has only gotten better. It's everything a YA romance should be!
So, there you go. That's me pushing Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy spinoff, Bloodlines. If you were a VA fan please give this series a try. And if you've read the first book and were on the fence you REALLY need to read book two! 

I firmly believe that often our reaction to a book depends heavily on what we thought we were getting into and I think going into this series you need to not except another VA. Sydney is a different and more mature character and this series is less vampire, more Alchemists. I love Sydney and I hope you will give her a chance!

Our reviews of books in this series:
The Indigo Spell
Silver Shadows

Have you read this book?
Did we persuade you to add it to your TBR mountain?
Let us know in the comments below!

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