Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview and Giveaway - Kerry Schafer


This is my stop on the blog tour for BETWEEN, by Kerry Schafer!

First, let’s take a peek at the book, shall we?

(The Between #1)
Kerry Schafer
Release: January 29, 2013
Vivian Maylor can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because she just broke up with her boyfriend and moved to a new town, or it could be the stress of her new job at the hospital. But perhaps it’s because her dreams have started to bleed through into her waking hours.
All of her life Vivian has rejected her mother’s insane ramblings about Dreamworlds for concrete science and fact, until an emergency room patient ranting about dragons spontaneously combusts before her eyes—forcing Viv to consider the idea that her visions of mythical beasts might be real.
And when a chance encounter leads her to a man she knows only from her dreams, Vivian finds herself falling into a world that seems strange and familiar all at once—a world where the line between dream and reality is hard to determine, and hard to control…

I posted my review of BETWEEN yesterday. 
Please take a look at it *HERE*!

Read on for my interview with author Kerry Schafer, then enter to win your own copy of BETWEEN!


Tell us your favorite…

1. Guilty pleasure: Sneaking reading time in on a great book when I'm supposed to be working or cleaning the house or some such. Double the pleasure if there's chocolate involved.

2. Celebrity crush: Viggo Mortensen. So much more than a pretty face.  The man paints, he writes poetry, he does his own action scenes.

3. Paranormal creature: Dragons, hands down.

4. Vacation destination: The ocean. Any ocean.

5. Alternate career: College professor, teaching English

6. Other authors: Dead – Dickens, Tennyson, Brontë. Still living – Guy Gavriel Kay, Jonathan Kellerman.

7. Snacks that power your writing: Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Is that a snack? No? Then kettle corn.

8. Food you’d eat the rest of your life: Fresh bread with real butter.

9. Candy that satisfies your sweet tooth: Dark chocolate with tiny little toffee crunchies.

10. Supernatural power: Flight.

Thank you so much for visiting, Kerry!

Enter to win your own copy of  (US/CAN only please)!

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway. This books sounds cool. Dreamworlds and dragons had me at hello.

  2. Looking forward to reading Between. Flight, yes. That's the super power of which I always dream.

  3. ps - I would love to win this book, but the Log-in, qualifying window is Waaay too annoying. Really.

    1. Have you not used Rafflecopter before? It's pretty easy actually. I'd be happy to help you out! :)

  4. I've had this book on my wish list since I first saw the cover and read the blurb. I can't wait to read Between, it sounds so good! :D

  5. Thank you so much for hosting me as part of my Blog Tour, and for the lovely review. It makes me grin to see so many people wanting to read BETWEEN. I hope you all enjoy!

  6. You know I'm DYING to read this! I hope I win!

  7. Sounds pretty good! Love the cover! <3


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